LONDON 4/20 2013: Hyde Park Smoke Up and Walkabout


London 420 Hyde ParkHYDE PARK, LONDON has been the venue for the London 420 smoke out for the past several years and this year is no exception! On April 20th everyone that loves the herb for an abundance of different reasons will be making their way to Marble Arch between 12 and 1pm to get the days festivities under way. London Cannabis Club will be there representing and look forward to toking with you all when Bens hands both hit the big 4!

Whilst last year was a bit wet it didn’t stop Annonymous from turning up with a megaphone and some dressed up superheroes from acting out some comedy scetches and erupting into a show of super baked mudwrestling. We still have no idea what this was about but the big crowd that formed a circle around the entertainment seemed to enjoy it.  After this London Cannabis Club took the reigns and also the megaphone from Anonymous and recruited gatherers to enter a joint rolling contest. Eventually after 6 great entries we gave away 3 Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizers to some lucky winners. There were lost of people with juggling balls, hula hoops and umbrellas – but lets hope that the sun is out so we can forget the later.

The UKCSC are trying to make it easier for tha cannabis culture in the UK become wore widely accepted and help othe cannabis consumers feel more comfortable being open, and proud of the choice they make to use cannabis.

Last year the cost of cannabis arrestes in London reached £60,000 – what a complete and utter waste of tax payers money! This has been spent on giving mostly the youth and ethinic minority communities needless criminal records that will hinder them more in life than their cannabis use was or could do. It pays the financial cost to leave these groups of society more deprived of equal opportunities that those who do or get caught with cannabis or those who choose another drug like alcohol, tobacco or pharmaceutical drugs.

This year we want to make a bit more of a statement. We are crying out that we want to be listened to so it is high time we took advantage of the opportunities that present themselves to us. After Big Ben strikes 4:20 and we have listened to some great Reggae tunes form Macebook Industries Boombox Buggie we plan to go on a walkabout  in central London to show that we need to reform cannabis laws in the UK right NOW!

Please make banners and signs to bring with you with something you want to say (remember weed is already free and its humans that go to prison!) and anything fun and cannabis related to make the day a full day of visual, sound and smokey celebrations.

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