5 Reasons to Regulate the UK Cannabis Market

Cannabis Social Clubs have appeared in European countries to offer cannabis consumers and medical cannabis patients a safer alternative and a solution to the problems that prohibition causes in society. 

Part of the reason the UK Cannabis Social Clubs exists is to inform existing consumers of the CSC model and it’s benefits over the current “free-for-all” market that has flourished under prohibition. The results of this are drastically inflated prices, unacceptable quality such as contamination, mould, under weight deals, early harvested product and no protection for those that are vulnerable such as the young. Dealers don’t ask for ID but most (not all) will happily take a teenagers money.

It’s not just cannabis consumers that find this an interesting prospect; law enforcement, Members of Parliament and other social groups are starting to take note of our easy to adopt model that benefit all sectors of the community.

We have a much better way to approach the situation that takes cannabis off the streets without having to criminalise hundreds of thousands of people at the cost of the tax payer.


  1. AGE REGULATION – Cannabis Social Clubs are for adults (from 18+) and for anyone that is using cannabis medically, which sometimes unfortunately happens to be children. They would be supervised by an adult and have doctors consent and proof of their medical condition. To sign up to a club proof of age will be required and any one not yet 18 will be turned away.
  2. PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP – The only way to join a club is to know someone in a club and to be invited in. Clubs do not openly advertise membership or promote the sale of cannabis. Having private membership clubs keeps cannabis off the streets and away from those who may be offended or influenced. Only trusted friends are invited to join and are vetted by members in order to be let into the club. Privacy and security is paramount. UKCSC-5-Aims-Flyer-2015L1
  3. QUALITY CONTROL – Consistancy in the product you pay for is important to consumers and it is a matter of health for medicinal consumers that are patients with a wide range of disorders from arthritis to Parkinsons, MS, Crohns’s or several types of cancer. Having set standards requiring mould and contamination screening, checks for pests, pesticides and fungicides which can be harmful. Cannabinoid and terpene profiling is also desirable so consumers know what they are using – high or low THC and whether the product has any CBD in it, or if it is an indica or sativa. It is possible to know all of these things so we should exercise them.
  4. ANTI CRIME – The concept of the Cannabis Social Club is that it breaks the link to the criminal world. Crime gangs currently come to the UK from all over the world to take advantage of cannabis prohibition. Domestic houses are converted to grow houses and young children are kept as slaves to water plants for up to 3 years at a time. CSC’s also prevent children from getting into the cycle of selling cannabis at an early age for gangs that do not want to take the risk but have no care of the welfare of children. CSC’s separate cannabis from the rest of the illicit drug market and people that want to cultivate cannabis can do so as part of a closed loop system for members of a private club. By allowing home growing less people will be dependent on the market.
  5. INDUSTRY JOBS – Cannabis Social Clubs will require members of staff for a range of jobs. The average number of staff employed by CSC’s in Spain is 12 who all pay National Insurance on their wage. The UK is capable of providing 20,000 jobs such as gardening, trimming, processing, packaging, tending etc in the first year benefiting unemployment numbers. More businesses will register which means more accountant, legal, secretarial jobs will be created along with cleaning, plumbing, air extraction, electrician, and building work in general (which is seeing the most growth in Colorado due to legalisation).

Download this as a UKCSC 5 Aims Flyer 2015 bleed to be printed and distributed either as a flyer or poster.

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Start your own Cannabis Social Club with your friends and local community.


About Greg

Greg de Hoedt is the President of the United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs. He has had experience working in several states with medical marijuana exemptions in the law including the two legal states Colorado and Washington. He travels to other cannabis locations throughout Europe. Greg has Crohn's Disease for which he uses cannabis as a medicine after many years and failed attempts of pharmaceutical prescriptions.

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