A New Member of the Cumbria Cannabis Club Speaks Out

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By a New Member of Cumbria Cannabis Club

I am a supporter of legalising cannabis. In school I was taught that all drugs are bad and that cannabis has no benefit to us whatsoever and this what what I generaly thought untill recently when I discovered not everyone was just smoking ‘just to get stoned’.

When I was 21 my life was turned upside down – I was diagnosed as having multiple sclerosis. I found myself continuously in pain and without a way of finding adequate pain relief to assist me. My doctors would not prescribe me anything stronger primarily because of the cost of providing me with said drugs. One doctor even went as far as admitting that they needed ‘to keep an eye on the NHS purse strings’.

Medical-Marijuana2After these setbacks a friend of mine who runs the Cumbria Cannabis Club suggested that I try taking a small amount of cannabis. I tried the cannabis in a cake and almost instantly I felt like I had little to almost no pain. I got the best night’s sleep I had had in a very long time and with no side affects whatsoever bar the extra hunger.

Following this experience I decided to try and find a more regular source of cannabis to help me with the MS and I found it to be very demoralising with the fact that I had to go to a common drug dealer just to supply me with my best form of pain relief I have ever come across. This is not only putting money back into the criminals’ hands, who are often imprisoning very young people in these grow houses to repay their ‘debt’ of being trafficked in to the uk, but it is sub standard cannabis and not acceptable as a daily medicine. Many times I have had to try and ”medicate” with a damp 1.4g £20 bag of cannabis, if thats even possible, and it costs me a small fortune as it is impossible for me to grow my own with 2 small children and my illness.

marijuana-storesBy legalising cannabis, or at least for us medicinal users like I understand has happend in quite a few states now across the USA not to mention here in Europe (Romania and France, I believe, among others) I believe that it will help a huge amount of people suffering in pain like myself. It will take away the grip that the street dealers have on the cannabis empire as well as helping the economy as it should have proper regulation in place such as in the USA with lab tests, quality controls, industry standards and taxation. I hope that by writing this small article I can contribute in some small way to persuading the right people that legalising cannabis would be the right move. People with disabilities, like myself, would be able to live a comfortable lifestyle without feeling degraded to the point we are effectively breaking the law just to remain pain free.

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