The Sensible Cannabis Consumer – Why the abstraction of electricity to power your grow is a BAD idea.

As explained in a previous UKCSC Grow your own weed for £ 4.20 a week, growing weed at home doesn’t require massive amounts of energy. However for larger grows, possibly using 1kw lights, the cost of electricity will add up. Unfortunately, in the UK at least, criminal gangs attempt to bypass electricity meters with the […]

Shoreline – Green Place – Amsterdam Strain Review

Appearance: Quite a nice bud but a little too much trim left on for my liking. Quite dark greens and a few hairs, lots of trichomes and a really dense bud formation. Aroma: Really really stinky, real broad depth of aroma from really deep pungent and earthy low tones, some real berry and fruity mid’s and nice a clean skunky high notes, smells fantastic.   Flavour: The taste of this strain in incredible, tastes so nice. Nice clean earthiness on the low notes and the berry is really fruity and tastes really good, the high notes are clean and taste fantastic. Generally I’m a huge fan of how this tastes, its a taste explosion in your mouth with every toke.   Effects: A little eye stoned and a lot of pain relief. I think this strain is good for anxiety as well as pain and spasticity.  Really like this strain. The raciness dies down after 15 minutes and moves down the body to become very relaxed.   Comments: I want more of this  strain more often, which is a sign of a really good strain, mental note made – look out for shoreline! Possibly my favourite smoke of my trip to Amsterdam in September 2013.   Clark French.

“A rational approach to an irrational law” – Pf David Nutt supports UKCSC on BBC World News

Professor David Nutt, Professor of Neuropsychopharmacology at the Impereal College London calls UK Cannabis Social Clubs “a rational approach to an irrational law” and asserts “cannabis should never have been made illegal in the first place” during an interview on BBC World Wide on November 20th 2013.  London Cannabis Club who have recieved several pieces […]

New drug Epidiolex by GW Pharmaceuticals gets FDA cinical trial approval for pediatric epilepsy

GW Pharmaceuticals; the company responsible for manufacturing Sativex, the cannabis extract in a spray bottle marketed for MS spasticity and neuropathic pain patients – have not tried to keep it a secret that they have been working on many other forms of cannabis preparation. Just this year we have seen research published in the two […]