Norml UK Conference

NORML UK was formed in May 2012 and started recruiting our first members last July. It was always our intention to hold our first A.G.M. within one year, we are delighted to be albe to keep this promise. The event will start with a NORML UK members meeting, which will include reports from the Board, […]

NORMLUK 420 Smokeout

When the heartland of European cannabis reform is under threat do you think that the folk at NORML UK are just going to sit back at watch? Well the answer is a big fat no. This is the time when the UK must show its support to our Dutch neighbours across the channel, as well […]

Welcome To The Home Of The UKCSC.

The United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs would like to introduce you to our new online home! UKCSC started as an online presence thorough social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook at the end of 2011 and throughout 2012 grew to a community that reaches across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Here at our website […]