Berkshire Cannabis Protest 2: September 7th – Kings Meadow, Reading

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After the massive success of our first #Berkshiresmokeup event Berkshire cannabis community are proud to announce our second #Berkshiresmokeup protest picnic THIS SATURDAY (7th September) at Kings meadow park in Reading.

This time around a lot of media attention has been focused upon us with local newspapers, radio and even a feature on BBC South today! We want to show Berkshire and the rest of the UK that cannabis is a safe alternative to both medical and recreational drugs which have numerous side effects and addiction issues.

If you did not make it last time then you seriously missed out (Don’t believe me? Then ask somebody who went!).

There will be an information stand with tonnes of leaflets and literature explaining the benefits of one of the worlds most versatile herbs and some excellent sounds from our good friends at Mook Box Soundsystem (They make sound systems from suitcases that need to be seen to be believed!).

We welcome anybody who believes cannabis should be legal and that prohibition is failed. As the event is a picnic we would like you all to bring snacks and picnic blankets as they are comfy to sit on and the munchies will set in a lot more than you expected (There is also a huge tesco’s nearby for all those last minute things you need).

Your support would be greatly appreciated as this ‘taboo’ subject really is not brought to the attention of the mass general public and this is an excellent opportunity to show the world what we would like (Remember Homosexuals started to gain rights after ‘coming out of the closet’ and cannabis is no exception!) It’s time we had safe access to Cannabis Social Clubs.

Please use the hash tag #Berkshiresmokeup on both facebook and twitter to keep up to the date with the latest information and help spread the truth!

We will be there from 1pm (Keep an eye out for the gazebo) and plan to wind down the event at approximately 7pm. We will of course be celebrating 4:20 in style!

Kings meadow is approximately a 10 min walk from Reading station and we have full directions on our event page.

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