Berkshire Cannabis Protest Picnic – Round 2!

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The 2nd Berkshire smokeup event was a great gathering of people from all walks of life who just wanted to show the world that consuming cannabis is not a bad thing and we really think that everyone really showed their cannabis pride!       

The initial welcome from Thames valley police, who confiscated a small amount of weed from one individual who dared to defy and spark up a joint, was initially a worry but those fears soon melted away once the police had left, to a rather rapturous round of applause! The now infamous Mook box sound system started playing the Cypress Hill classic hits from the bong. With that everyone started to relax and get sucked into the lazy Saturday afternoon groove.

There were also people who brought games with them such as Kubb (Google this if you don’t know what this is) and frisbee’s. This is something other UKCSC’s should consider as it provides for cheap or even free entertainment and it also provides a spectacle in that the police are just watching people play games! Numerous TV and film crews were in attendance from the BBC, ITV and several independent documentary filmmakers who were interviewing and filming people about what the day was all about. Everyone who took part really showed what we were about and we hope this will get out to a larger audience rather than preaching to those who are already converted.

Keep an eye on the UKCSC and NORML web pages for all the latest updates and news.

The weather held out for us with only a few drops of rain which did not spoil anyone’s day and we also collected some donations which is vital towards keeping our cause alive! So there you have it, we’ve decided due to British weather to not hold anymore smokeup’s this year.

We are proud to announce our first cannabis film night on the 4th October with a very exclusive special showing of ‘The Union: The business behind getting high’. The film will be introduced by and include a ‘Q & A’ session with Jason Reed (L.E.A.P) who is heavily involved in the sequel to this amazing cannabis documentary. Entry is a suggested donation of £4.20 and all funds go towards helping the cause, if only this stuff could all be arranged for free, and we will have a Head shop style stall with papers and other accessories. (More info here:

We will also have other public and admin meetings planned this year, not to mention the NORML Hypocrisy protest in London (,  so keep your ears to the ground and remember….. Keep it smoking!

By Brad Connell

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