Big Pharma: Human Trials for Cannabis brain cancer treatment

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On November the 11th 2013, GW Pharmaceuticals, (a UK pharmaceutical company currently operating under a government monopoly license to grow cannabis) announced that they will be conducting phase “1b/2a clinical trial” for the treatment of Gliobastoma Mulitiforme.

Glioblastoma Mulitoforme is a rare, aggressive, malignant brain tumour that leaves patients a median survival rate of 15 months with chemotherapy and a median survival rate of 4 ½ months without.
The study into medicine development in this field is very important, largely because surgery is a very unlikely option given the location that the tumours may first appear being non-accessible intrusively.

The announcement comes from GW pharmaceuticals following several years of pre-clinical research. This research has shown that cannabinoids inhibit the viability of glioma cells via apoptosis, which is the instruction to self destruct, given to a malignant cell. This is also referred to as “programmed cell death”.

“We are very excited about moving this compound into further human study and the prospects of cannabinoids as new anti-cancer treatments. This is GW’s first clinical study of cannabinoids as a potential treatment to inhibit tumor growth,” stated Dr. Stephen Wright, Director of Research and Development at GW. “We believe this clinical program demonstrates the flexibility and broad application of GW’s cannabinoid platform to treat significant, unmet therapeutic needs.”


GW have announced on their website, that the study will be a “20-patient “multicentre,two part study” with an open-label phase to assess safety and tolerability of GW cannabinoids in combination with temozolomide.”

Both THC and CBD cannabinoids will be used in the trials with a ratio of 1:1.

We will be keeping our eye on this as research unfolds and develops.


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  1. I recently received this from a friend of mine in the midlands who i completely trust and validate that his claims below are true and just.

    “During April of this year I was diagnosed with cancer of the Maxillary Sinus. My job as Art Teacher and Artist took the blame for its manifistation due to dust and chemicals my Doctor said. I told only a few very close friends about my condition. A surgeon drew an imaginary line with his finger across my face in an attempt to illustrate his intentions during the operation to remove the tumour that by now was restricting my breathing. His finger traced across my forehead, down my nose, he explained that he would be cutting through my lip and would quite probably remove the majority of my septum causing my nose to hang down to my mouth!? This imaginary surgery ended with a tracheotomy and a few days of breathing through my throat!?I was terrified at the thought of this surgery.
    I am, however, blessed with amazing friends who rallied and researched my condition and introduced me to the miraculous Cannabinoid Oil. The Oil gave me hope! It gave me a direct route to begin to treat the Cancer. I made the oil myself and began ingesting a full 60gram course of Indica Oil as I awaited surgery to remove the tumour.I waited almost two months for the operation, a sleepy two months due to the high levels of Indica Oil I was ingesting. Family and friends supported me through this time, organising a completely organic diet and time for me to rest.As the time for my operation approached I noticed that the swelling on my face had began to calm and that my breathing had improved. On the morning of my surgery there was a significant improvement in my ability to breathe through my nose! I tried to explain to my Doctor that I had somehow shrunk my tumour with Cannabis Oil… He disregarded my claims and would not discuss my use of the Oil?The Oil had shrunk my tumour! I could feel it was still there but it had shrunk!!! My eye was no longer constantly running and I could breath better!On the morning of my Operation to remove thd by now much smaller tumour I explained my use of Rick Simpson Oil to my Anaesthetist, I was worried that my Surgeon would carry out his promise of removing my nose and slicing up my face!?!? He assured me that he would explain that I thought I had shrunk the cancer in my face. I didn’t have the nerve to turn down surgery…I awoke from the removal of the tumour with a small cut that runs down the side of my nose, there is some metal in my face, (a new metal eye socket and right hand side of my nose and cheek. No cuts were made to my forehead! No cuts were made to my lip and my Septum is intact!!! No tracheotomy!!! My surgeon said that the tumour was much smaller than he originally thought? I can only presume that he based his original plan on scans of my face… this was proof to me that the Oil had indeed shrunk my tumour!!!I still cant get my Doctor or Surgeon to discuss the Oil?

    This Oil needs to be offered as a treatment for all cancer patients!

    The laws in the UK need to be relaxed to allow its use!

    Blessed are the Oil Makers!!!

    One Love”

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