Birmingham Cannabis Protest Picnic, Cannon Hill Park – August 31st 1pm


As the United Kingdom Cannabis Social Club normalisation movement continues to gather momentum around the UK, the chance has come for the people of Birmingham to stand up for their rights to medicate safely and consume responsibly. On the 31st of August 2013 Birmingham Cannabis Club are organising a smoke-up picnic protest in Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham at 1pm.

Birmingham Cannabis ProtestBirmingham Cannabis Club and West Midlands Cannabis Community invite you to attend a gathering to protest the current unjust laws that criminalise people for choosing cannabis over more harmful (yet legally available) drugs like alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceutical drugs.

Recently there have been very successful smoke-up picnic protests in London, Reading, Nottingham and there are more planned in Devon, Southampton and another in Reading by Berkshire Cannabis Community who have recieved national medai coverage on BBC radio and TV. Berkshire Cannabis Community will be holding their next protest picnic at Kings Meadow 7th of September a week after Cannon Hill.

Birmingham is one of the biggest cities in the UK and is always the centre of attention for cannabis news stories. It is speculated that at least 1 house in every 3 streets has a cannabis grow. West Midlands Police also have a dedicated Cannabis Disposal Team that mainly go after the commercial cash croppers and gangs. Still, if prohibition wasn’t the current policy the gangs wouldn’t be growing it as the price wouldn’t be as high as it is now. The Cannabis Disposal Team reported that they had raided 1000 “cannabis farms” in the last 18 months but the impact of the team of 8 seems to be minimal. As soon as you bust one gang there are several more ready to move into their place. It’s time to regulate now!

Amongst the festivities at the smoke-up there will be some chilled beats, merchandise give-aways, free information and guest speakers. The aim of the event is to increase public awareness about the safe use of cannabis and to prove that there really is no crime to consuming it.

Jim from Birmingham Cannabis Club said, “We want to teach people about some of the proven medicinal benefits that come with consuming it. Millions of people use cannabis as a medicine and there are now 21 states in America that have legal Medical Marijuana. We need to make that happen here, the evidence supports us.”

“Many people with a diverse set of medical conditions could be improving their quality of life but may not know yet, or even be opposed to cannabis because of misinformation spread in the media. This is our chance set the record straight, and to stand up for our rights which many do not realise have been taken away.”

Please tell your friends and come down to join in with the celebration of cannabis with a good smoke-up and some picnic munchies, August 31st, Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham at 1pm.

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