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Business Name: Dank Dabable
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Main Contact Name: Dan Kennedy
Telephone: 07950312539
Address: Gleena House,
Elvaston Lane
Postcode: DE24 0PT
Introduction: We are Dank Dabable. An independently founded Cannabis and Hemp Product Supplier. Est. 2019. We have noticed how, recently the market has been saturated with Low Quality CBD Oils, CBD.

We are a team of strong believing individuals in not only the decriminalisation of Cannabis, we strive for its complete legality to all individual’s 18 +. There are countless studies around the health benefits of all forms of cannabis, not just THC or CBD, But all of the other compounds and terpenes. We are here to share this knowledge with you, to educate around the 25,000+ industrial uses of Hemp, The Cancer Killing capabilities of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO Oil) and much more.

We want to share this knowlegde with you in the hopes you will see this medicinal plant for all it is, in the hopes we can see a future where the world will follow in Colorado’s footsteps and join the fight for legal weed.

All of our Products are 100% Legal to purchase and consume and will contain under 0.1% THC (Under the legal amount of THC/THC-A).

Launched: 20/06/2019
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