Business Name: 533CBD
Type of Business:
Main Contact Name: Thommy Meredith
Telephone: 01323 325155
Address: 152 seaside Eastbourne East Sussex
Postcode: BN22 7qw
Introduction: We are Eastbournes first CBD and Hemp shop. Founded by Thommy Meredith who also founded and manages Eastbourne Cannabis Club we are from the cannabis community for the cannabis community.

Since opening in December 2018 we pride ourselves on providing not just top quality products but advice, information and knowledge to help to find the best products for you. We opened our doors to be able to give something back to our community but also to spread awareness and educate the general public on the many benefits cbd hemp and cannabis has to offer. From being a big part of the cannabis movement in Eastbourne for many years and after starting up the club and bringing positive steps to the area with many meet ups over the years it felt right to be able to make this move and to expand our way of thinking. We are so happy we have the opportunity to speak to people every day about cannabis and really push positive thinking about the topic forward and often to people who know nothing or little about it, so for us we are helping to shape the cannabis framework of the town and bring cannabis and hemp into a positive light and not back in the dark like the government wants it to be. We stock everything from full spectrum oils, vapes, topicals, edibles and drinks hot and cold biodegradable items vegan and vegetarian stock is available with a list of over products. When you come In store you are our best friend and will be treated like it by stepping through the door without even knowing it your changing the future and change is happening.

Launched: 18/12/2018
Facebook: http://533cbd
Instagram: http://533cbd