Cannasseur Confectionaries

Cannasseur Confectionaries
Business Name: Cannasseur Confectionaries
Type of Business:
Main Contact Name: Tom Kenyon
Telephone: 07961918074
Website: http://N/a
Address: Levenshulme,
Postcode: M1
Introduction: Terpene infused confectionary

Cannasseur Confectionaries are dedicated to creating new and innovative confectionary and chocolates that incorporate Terpenes derived from Cannabis, they are non-psychoactive and 100% UK Legal.
Our objective is to show the sophisticated side Cannabis that can appeal to all classes and generations by producing high quality confectionary using high grade, Cannabis derived ingredients.
We are currently producing vegan and vegetarian confectionary whilst working with local communities to illustrate the benefits of medical Cannabis, help remove the social stigma and demonstrate the elements of Cannabis that are safe, fun and taste great.

Launched: 06/06/2015