Aztech Smoke Shop

Aztech Smoke Shop
Business Name: Aztech Smoke Shop
Type of Business:
Main Contact Name: Aaron
Telephone: 01227 274982
Address: Whitstable
( Online only)
Postcode: CT54NQ
Introduction: Aztech Smoke Shop is an online smoke shop and also the home to our Aztech Genetics Seed Label.

Aztech Smoke Shop is a UK company based in Kent established in 2015.

We sell a range of Vaporizers, Rolling papers, Dabbing products as well as CBD oils and T -shirts as well as selection of cannabis seeds from our own Aztech Genetics seed label.
All our orders come with free seeds and orders over £10.00 come with a free feminised seed included too.

Having been involved with cannabis for almost 25 years and benefiting medically from the plant it made sense to set up a legal UK cannabis business to help other to benefit too.

Launched: 07/09/2015
  • Aztech Smoke Shop
  • Aztech Smoke Shop