Business Name: Everlated
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Postcode: EC2A 4NE
Introduction: Our expert team carefully curates our subscription boxes each month to deliver an outstanding collection of the highest-quality smoking accessories and lifestyle products to your door in discreet packaging.

Everlated is a UK-based subscription service for premium smoking accessories and lifestyle products. We provide an unrivalled variety of options to suit all types of smokers, with subscription boxes for both joint smokers and lovers of glassware, delivered to your door each month in completely discreet packaging.

Our Rolling Boxes, designed for joint smokers, include premium rolling papers, filter tips, and a small selection of smoking accessories and gifts. You can customise your box by choosing your preferred brand of papers and tips, along with selecting how many packs of papers you need each month. Never again will you run out of skins mid-session or have to make that dreaded late-night run to the 24-hour garage for supplies! From as little as just £2.50, our Rolling Boxes are also much cheaper than it would cost you to buy the contents in most shops.

Are you more into bongs than biftas? Then our Glass Boxes are for you! Each month you will receive a high-quality glass bong and a huge selection of premium smoking accessories and lifestyle products, carefully curated by our expert team. Costing only £29.99, but with contents worth over £60, our Glass Boxes offer incredible value as well as convenience.

Our Bumper Boxes are also available, containing most of the items in our Glass Boxes but without the glassware, making them ideal for any smokers who want the full Everlated experience but don’t need a new bong.

Everlated was established to address the UK’s lack of choice when it comes to high-quality, premium smoking subscription services, and was co-founded by Danny Mallo, who has been a voice on the international cannabis scene for a number of years with his top-selling books, Roll Up Roll Up and Weed All About It.

We are passionate about the cannabis scene, and providing the best possible shopping and user experience, and we are very excited about what we have to offer.

Launched: 01/10/2017