Buy UKCSC Seeds To Support Change! Now Available: Ukwerkle

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The UKCSC have a deal that you can’t turn down! We know you want to see more activity from us across our fair and green lands – we want the same! But the more events we put on the more we are learning how we can make them bigger and better and ultimately reach more people. The message we are spreading is very important and it does not just affect and benefit cannabis consumers but the whole of society.

We are raising funds for our summer activism events and we have a great way to support you while you support us and help end prohibition in more ways than one! Everyone is a winner!

Ukwerkle BudUkwerkle is one of the sweetest and funkiest tasting strains that the West of the UK hascome up with – The valleys do deliver! This Welsh wonder is a cross between a TGA Subcool Querkle mother and a Pineapple Chunk father. When you combine the deep, juicy, purple currant with the sweet tropical twist of the Pineapple you end up with some orange and berry candy like flavours stuck in the nice dense and shorter structure of the Querkle mother. Test runs of these fine cannabis genetics showed finish times between 58 – 65 days flowering. These were made as a limited edition F1 and are made to support the UKCSC movement. Packs are numbered and there are only 100 available.

That’s right! The UKCSC are selling a limited number of seeds to raise the funds to push the issue and the movement forward and END PROHIBITION IN THE UK!ukwerkle bud


We also need YOU! On the days that we come to your town or city we want to see you there. Come and support, keep your eyes on the events page and if you are interested in getting involved to help out and meet your local Cannabis Social Club members shoot them a message! We want all the help we can get!

Where can you buy our seeds?
Thanks to our UKCSC network we have established some great relationships with several seed banks that have been offering some of the finest cannabis genetics to collectors for a good number of years. They have a good reputation, are great to their customers and very thankfully support the UKCSC so please go and take a look around their awesome websites.

The packs are £25 for 6 regular Ukwerkle seeds. The faster we sell them the faster we can get the resources made up and get our tour list published so you know where to be and when to help end cannabis ignorance in your town and connect with like minded cannabis consumers that didn’t have a clue all of this was going on! Find us on Facebook. Subscribe to the site and look out for our future releases coming very soon!

WARNING: Germination of cannabis seeds could get you a criminal record and land you in front of a judge or worse, prison. But if you don’t tell anyone it could; save you money, remove you from anti-social behaviour, stop you funding organised crime, increase your knowledge about cannabis, improve your health, ease your medical condition and get you more interested in nature and growing food. Please consider the consequences carefully and be responsible. 

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  1. We don’t need a discussion; what we need is action. If everyone who uses cannabis sends an email to their MPs, saying that we must decriminalise possession and cultivation of this magnificent natures bounty.

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