Should Cannabis Be Legalised? Birmingham Mail Votes…

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The Birmingham Mail have reported on the Cannon Hill Cannabis Protest Picnic on Sat Aug 31st, and have run an on-line vote along-side to gather the public opinion about the current policy legislating cannabis. But what do the public think?

The year 2013 has seen cannabis in the headlines non-stop; whether it has been to do with cannabis raids in the UK, mass death tolls on the Mexican boarders or legalisation in Washington, Colorado and a further 4 states that have voted for medical marijuana in 2013. Yesterday the Birmingham Mail ran an on-line poll listing some of the pros and cons of cannabis legalisation.

Many of the comments on the Birmingham Mail’s website were in favour of legalising cannabis so that it could be regulated rather than left in the hands of organised crime. Some even questioned how much the MPs even stood for the drug war. One commenter said “I don’t see why laws on some drugs are even there when MP’s in parliament’s bathrooms have been doing coke”.

Even Liberal Democrat’s head of Drug Policy Ewan Hoyle remarked “It is very likely awareness of the health risks would be much better raised by investment in education and provision of health advice at point of legal sale. At the moment illegal vendors are not compelled to warn people of risks and indeed it would be very poor business sense for them to do so.”

Being able to test and label cannabis so that consumers know and have a choice of what they can smoke is just as rational and important as the sale of beer or spirit and the consumer knowing the strength or a conscious tobacco smoker looking to smoke the least tar. Giving people the information to make the choice is a lot more effective than locking them up. We have seen a reduction in people smoking tobacco products since health warnings were implemented.

Not surprisingly, after the Home Affairs Select Committee advised the Government that the current policy needs to change, Colorado and Washington have both legalised and more states continue to allow medical use, not to mention the recurring talk of the positives of decriminalisation in Portugal and the fact that Uruguay have just taken the first steps to break UN treaty rules and do the sensible thing to legalise and regulate; the Birmingham public have resoundingly voted that cannabis should be legalised here in the UK!

94% of the public have voted YES and only 4% voted NO!

Most of the arguments against were very weak and possibly were arguments that cannabis should be regulated. One of them is even debunk-able by Government funded studies. “The drug has lots of chemical ‘nasties’, which can cause lung disease and possibly cancer with long term or heavy use.” Dr Donald Tashkin’s team published peer reviewed papers stating that those who smoked cannabis neat or even with tobacco had less risk of neck, throat, skin, lung and mouth cancer than people who didn’t smoke anything at all. And at no point does the BM back up it’s “against” claims with a reference. Cannabis is safer and the US Government paid to prove it!

Birmingham Mail Cannabis Vote

To show your support please come to Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham from 1pm onwards where we will be there to answer all your questions on cannabis, the law, the recent medical studies that support cannabis use in treatments for serious illnesses and how to get involved with changing the law. You will also get to meet lots of great like-minded people. This is our chance to make an impact not only on local and national policy but to play a part in an international movement that is building great momentum.

Other than that we will have some really chill vibes, a few sets by local artists, a raffle and head shop supplies. The truth about cannabis should not be hidden or denied from anyone. Let’s come together and show the world we just want peace and freedom of choice. If you can’t make it to the Birmingham smoke up check out our events page and see where the next one local to you is. Please come down on Saturday August 31st to Cannon Hill Park and show the world that people smoking cannabis shouldn’t really be deemed a crime and burden the tax payer with prosecution bills.

1 thought on “Should Cannabis Be Legalised? Birmingham Mail Votes…

  1. Caption in photo – “Pro-cannabis campaigners claim the drug is not as harmful as alcohol or tobacco”
    1/ Cannabis is not a drug; it’s a plant. No viable life form can be designated a “drug” merely because it contains drugs for if you do it for one then you do it for all and that includes humans! Are humans drugs now? Cannabis, as with humans, is not a drug. ipso facto

    2/ In actuality, it’s the scientific community that’s claiming cannabis is not as harmful as either tobacco or alcohol through rigorous scientific research.

    3/ Not only have the tests shown cannabis use to be non-toxic in ANY way, but have also shown it to destroy cancer cells, of every type exposed, but also to reduce and possibly cure diabetes. Great proven medical benefits have also shown to occur with those suffering from MS, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, stress, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, kidney/liver/heart problems and various tumours.

    4/ Just to remind you of one more small FACT I add that not one single scientific study has EVER shown ANY connection to using cannabis, in any form, for any length of time, or of any strength and concentration to have any adverse effect on mental health. THAT’S A FACT! What you’ve heard to the contrary, if you’d bother to actually listen to what’s been said, is “theories of” and “possibilities of” some effect or another but never evidence. Why not? Because there isn’t any. It’s as pathetic to suggest otherwise as it would be to suggest that someone rowing on a river may, possibly, in theory, be hit and killed from a falling aeroplane in a “no-fly zone”!

    Use your brain and think critically about what you’re being told by government media spokespeople. That’s what it’s there for. Don’t let others do your thinking for you, especially when they have a vested interest in telling you BS to keep their own pockets lined with money from “special interests” corporations.

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