Cannabis seizures drop in Surrey but more are growing say Cannabis Club

An article covering cannabis production in the Surrey Ad this week quotes Surrey Cannabis Club’s Alan Pavia. 

“I don’t think these figures show that less people are growing, in fact I think the opposite is true, more people are growing than ever before.

“People are growing a lot more for personal use and that has changed from 10 years ago when  people would buy cannabis from a dealer.

“A lot of people feel that this is the only way to be safeand be sure of what you are getting rather than relying on some dodgey person on the street.

“The reasons the numbers of seizures have gone down to re-sources police are using to find cannabis growers and the priority they are putting on doing that.”

Surrey Cannabis Comment
Alans review of the coverage was this;

“Main points to take from this are that it looks like Surrey Police resources are being prioritised for use elsewhere. This is mainly because the general public clearly no longer see cannabis use or production as criminal activity. Obviously public opinion is changing as people are reporting less grows so the police have less ‘intelligence’ to go on!

The other very important point to note is that the chief exec of a Surrey wide charity dealing with drug, alcohol and mental health issues reports that most of the people they see do not come to them with any cannabis problems. Again supporting the fact that alcohol, a legal drug, is far more harmful and hence the legislation concerning cannabis is not fit for purpose.

I think Anne Milton (Guildford MP), Lynne Owens (Chief Constable for Surrey) and Kevin Hurley (PCC for Surrey) will be getting an email regarding this story.”

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Greg de Hoedt is the President of the United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs. He has had experience working in several states with medical marijuana exemptions in the law including the two legal states Colorado and Washington. He travels to other cannabis locations throughout Europe. Greg has Crohn's Disease for which he uses cannabis as a medicine after many years and failed attempts of pharmaceutical prescriptions.

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