Cannabis use worse than theft?

Afternoon musings on the ‘Durham Police not arresting people for small-scale cannabis production or use’ palava:

Back in May, Plymouth Police told owners of petrol stations that they would not be able to investigate if someone were to drive off without paying for their fuel, because of cuts to the police budget which meant they had to prioritise crimes.

In essence, Plymouth Police were decriminalising theft. Only one specific form of theft admittedly, but still, theft.

There were a couple of stories in the local press and quite a few angry comments, but nothing like the kind of vitriol that has been directed at Ron Hogg for (effectively but not actually) decriminalising a victimless ‘crime’ which over 50-90% of the country (according to many polls) don’t believe should be a crime in the first place.

Just thought that was interesting.

What’s even more interesting is that the Devon & Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner, Tony Hogg, admitted driving away from a petrol station without paying himself last month. How convenient for him.

Deej Sullivan, Devon Cannabis Club

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