May 7th: Cardiff Cannabis Social Club Hold Global Cannabis March 2016

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The Global Cannabis March is coming to Cardiff alongside another 500+ cities across the world. The UN just said they are not reforming global drugs laws so now leaders are being pressured to legalise cannabis in the name of harm reduction. But there’s so much money to be made this is what is grabbing their attention.

This year, May 7th 2016 also known as Million Marijuana March marks the sixth year of Cardiff Cannabis Social Clubs Annual Global Cannabis March. This March is to demonstrate peacefully our objections to current cannabis law. Cardiff CSC and its members believe that cannabis should be available medically to all those who need it and available to consenting adults for safe recreation.

Wales has an amazing climate for growing some of the best cannabis in the world and looking at the success of the Colorado cannabis industry that has taken nearly a £billion in tax revenue and created 20,000 legal jobs maybe it is something Wales needs. We are currently watching the collapse of the Steel Industry, lets replace it with an environmentally friendly and economically beneficial cannabis work force and join Jamaica, Uruguay, Canada and Spain in ending the injustice.

Instead, currently we are wasting tax payers money by using the police to lock up people for very small amounts of cannabis, we’d say quantity but…you can’t really call less than half a gram a quantity. What you can call it is an abomination of the courts time and the tarnishing of another wise law abiding citizen with a criminal record. The tax payer in the UK coffs up £400 each to sustain this drugs policy and we at the Cardiff Cannabis Social Club are blowing the whistle on Government drugs policy. People shouldn’t have to prop up a policy that just isn’t working.

Event organiser Des Humphrey
Archives 2012: Event organiser Des Humphrey

Cannabis has in the last year been reported to be 114 x safer than alcohol. Half the states in the US have medical cannabis laws which have had a massive impact on pharmaceutical opioid overdoses. The legal cannabis markets now in 4 states in the US have lead to reduced crime, increased tax revenue and believe it or not a 50% reduction in homicide and suicide and gun crime. If this isn’t significant data to look at we don’t know what is!?

So this is what we are going to do about it.

We’re marching on the city of Cardiff and if you want to join us follow the instructions below and tae your stand against these barbaric cannabis laws.

The Route

The march will take place in Cardiff City centre with all participants scheduled to meet at 12.30 with the march beginning at approximately at 1pm. The route for the march is as follows; Start : Park behind city hall -Up Museum Avenue -Gorsedd Gardens Road -Down Park Place -To Queen Street take right -Onto Castle Street -Then turn onto High street / St Mary Street -Left onto Wharton street -Right onto The Hayes -Down between Library and John Lewis onto Bute street -Take a left onto Herbert street -Take a right onto Lloyd George Avenue -Turn left onto Bute Place -Onto Bute Street -Onto Stuart Street -Right up Adelaide street -Take a left onto James Street / Clarence Road -Left onto Clarence Embankment -Finish at Hamadryad Park.

We urge you with all our hearts and stash jars to take the time before hand to make a sign – saying something funny, or something serious – to wave in the streets as we march through the city. We are here there to tell people why we are there and to get our message heard. Plus, it will be great to see what you all come up with. If you are part of a drumming circle or have a sound system bring it along with your friends and join the network of like minded souls in Wales. Connecting the community is the best way to make it grow.

All Cannabis Social Clubs across the nation are invited to march along with us and celebrate the finer things at the end as we raise funds for our future campaigns. The fight is getting real. In previous years the UKCSC have given out 1000’s of seeds, this year we will have our feathered friends at Feed The Birds doing a seed drop so make sure you are there to peck your pickins.

Remember the 2012 March with Howard Marks?

At the start of the march this year we aim to inform everybody of the route and to listen to answer any concerns or questions that people may have. There is usually a police presence, however they are there for our safety and to ensure things run smoothly (as they would any march/protest), they are respectful of our cause and in turn we encourage people to be respectful of them.

The march finishes at Hamadryad Park where there will be live music/DJ’s and a variety of stalls selling apparel, glass, jewellery and food, alongside our raffle which we encourage you to all buy tickets for. The event starts to wind down at approximately 6pm. We look forward to seeing everyone at the march and remember we encourage the use of signs and banners!

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