In pictures: Cardiff marches against prohibition for ninth successive year


The beginning of May saw the anti-prohibition march come to Cardiff once again – for the ninth time. On a bright sunny day about 100 people rallied to march together to begin with but once it got going, as ever, more people joined in.

A march in Cardiff always has a spattering of bongs, large and small, being used along the way, but there’s nearly always nobody smoking pure, as they use tobacco a lot and sprinkle hash into their bowls.

At the front doing a truly stellar job with the megaphone was Simpa Carter, calling out for people to read new UKCSC magazine The Quarter Leaf, and engaging with politics to better understand what is happening with cannabis as medicine.

At one point along the planned route to the city centre, the police guided us the wrong way and we had to go past a swing park where everyone was apologising to the children and their parents for the error.

Just by the water we settled down in Hamadryad Park, where there was a strong breeze blowing cool air on the party, and it wasn’t long before everyone headed out to get something to eat. Next year there will be a festival waiting to happen at this location. With the help of local people and businesses hopefully it will come together to make Cardiff’s 10th anti-prohibition march something to remember.

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