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Vapefiend have quickly but steadily built themselves up to be the number one vaporizer specialist in the UK and now stock over 1000 products in their catalogue of the latest vaping technology. was born out of an enthusiasm for vaping, and the new technology that was starting to be developed to deliver the best experience and efficiency from herbal products that have traditionally been combusted.


After a good number of years in the campaigning community, George Alexander, founder of Vapefiend, had created a following that shared the same enthusiasm for this new age and sudden flurry of vaping appliances that all had something new about them. It was a really exciting time to witness the birth of this innovation that now seems so normal to people that they think it has always been around!


George’s early excitement for all things vape has served him well. What started out as a hobby and way to connect with other like-minded souls has turned into a thriving business that employs half a dozen people and supplies vaporizers to many of the headshops around the country.


Did you think it would ever turn into what it has?

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t once dream of having what I have now – less of a workplace and more of a sanctuary for my little cadre of vaporists, fully equipped with all the latest gadgets and gizmos! But I do still pinch myself regularly; it’s been hard work and it hasn’t always been fun, but I can’t imagine doing anything else for a living now. I think the key to it all is that I am not only a user of vaporizers, but a hardcore geek about them! Nothing makes me happier than discovering some new piece of technology that somehow makes vaping better!”

Not only do Vapefiend have one of the widest selections of vaporizers on the market, they have several of their own models including the Storm Vaporizer Pen, Dabstorm pen, Dabstorm 2.0 and the Dabbie – a portable, battery powered, all-in-one dabbing station. All of these models have proven to be highly popular and affordable ways for people used to combusting to try out some good quality vapes. When combined with the one of the glass water adaptors or pipes it can really transform the experience, giving you a much broader range of experience…it almost makes smoking a joint look pretty caveman!


There are of course the midrange and high end vapes among the collection, from the Boundless CF and Flowermate to the sleek and highly desireable Grasshopper and Firefly2. These nifty portable vapes all have their differences and reasons why people like them.

One of the most popular vapes to date comes from the manufacturer Arizer. Their Solo unit is still a very popular model but its follow up, the Air, which is slightly sleeker, has a changeable battery so if you buy spares your vaping time can go on as long as you like!

It’s not all about the portable vapes though at, they are also the UK distributor of the VapeXhale Cloud Evo, designed by Seibo Shen. This has been consistently hailed as the Ferrari of desktop vapes, utilising a fully glass pathway to improve flavour and preserve the true profile of the herbs. Loading it is super easy, it has a lightweight design that utilises unique heating technology to extract the herbal vapors or concentrates depending on what it is you fancy using – and one of the greatest things about it is you can switch between herb and concentrate in seconds without having to clean it out between each hit.

Loading herb is done via these small baskets and the concentrates via these borosilicate glass tubes, and then you just slot them conveniently in the VapeXhale, attach your mouthpiece and away you go. You have the option to go in dry on it, or you can add one of the water tools that are especially designed for the Cloud Evo.


Of course you will find your classic Storz & Bickel models such as the Volcano Digital and their latest Crafty and Mighty portable vapes that really do hit like a train.

If you want to get a feel of what it’s like at you can follow them across their social media pages (links below) where they provide regular updates in the world of vaping, and review the new products that come out on their site. This is a great way to see what has to be said about the devices from some of the most experienced vapefiends there are in UK, if not the world!


We thought we would ask the crew at a few questions on the vaping scene in the UK and how things have developed in the last decade.


How has the vape scene changed in the last year?

“The vape scene is always changing, but one thing we’ve noticed in the last year is the huge increase in interest around vapes for extracts and concentrates, something that is still relatively rare in our part of the world. People are getting on board with new devices like Dabstorm 2.0 and the Puffco Plus in much bigger numbers than they were a couple of years ago. It’s true that the vaping tech has come a long way in that time, but I also think it’s down to the extractors using better, cleaner methods to make better products.”


Would you say there is a vape movement emerging with the global health consciousness shift taking place?

“Yes absolutely. When we visit the US now we meet tons of young people who have never smoked, but instead use vaporizers every day. And we also talk to hundreds of older people who were put off by the negative stereotypes around smoking, not to mention the health implications, and they are truly thrilled to find that there’s a different way to enjoy herbs and extracts.”


Where do you see vaporizer technology heading next? We have just seen smart phones introduced as a way of controlling these devices…with bluetooth! Whats next? In built beard trimmer?

“What we’re seeing more and more of now is a way to standardize the dosage and log the effects. New devices are in development that take pre-loaded cartridges, connect to the user’s phone and fitbit or apple watch, and relay information about heart-rate, sleeping patterns, exercise routine and more to the user’s doctor or dispensary. This kind of technology is going to be massive when it comes to collecting much-needed data on how different products at different doses affect different people with different conditions. It’s very exciting to see our industry actually helping to push forward the whole cause in this way.”


What is the main advice you would give someone sitting on the edge of deciding whether or not to buy a vaporizer for the first time?

“Do it! But talk to us first. Not every vaporizer suits every person. We have vapes for people who love the feeling of smoking, as well as those for people who hate smoke and would never smoke. I’m in the latter category by the way! Whatever your particular situation, we have a device to suit you. Just give us a call, we’d be happy to help.”


And lastly…


If you could have any 2 vaporizers in the Vapefiend catalogue make a baby who would the parents be and why?

“What a surreal question! I guess the daddy would be the VapeXhale Cloud Evo. I haven’t regretted getting mine even for a second, it’s easily the best vaporizer on the market today. But I guess the one downside is that you need to plug it into the wall- so I’d match it up with something really tiny like the Grasshopper in the hope that they’d produce something smaller but just as good. The Grasshopper is pretty close, the rips you get off it are insane! But the size of it means the hits can be very hot on your throat.. So if it had the glass-and-water cooling aspect of the Evo it’d be perfect!”

Thanks Vapefiend, we look forward to seeing your latest vape reviews and looking out for the next new vaporizer on the market!

You can follow Vapefiend on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and keep up to date with their awesome vape previews and latest vaporizer releases.


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