5 Simple Tips All Good Growers Know…

While the price of cannabis is skyrocketing in the UK there is only one real way to take the power back, and that is to grow your own! And if you are going to go to the effort of growing, or you already are, why not checkout these top tips from some of the best […]

How UK Cannabis Consumers Are Ripping Themselves Off

It’s become a bit of an exciting joke in the UK cannabis scene. To hear that someone has just paid around £50 a gram for some imported Californian flowers is mind blowing, as it is the same amount that many people think is already an overly-inflated price when it comes to buying grams of oil […]

Jorge Cervantes: Ultimate Grow 1 #GYO

Jorge Cervantes DVD the Ultimate Grow 1 walks you through the necessary information you need to prepare a growing space and create the required conditions for growing cannabis.  To make sure you are getting good quality cannabis that is safe and of a strain that suits you, growing your own is one of the best […]

Ruderalis: 5 Recommended Auto-flowering Seeds

Most people are familiar with Indica and Sativa cannabis strains and the different characteristics in the way that they grow and the kind of effect they have medicinally. Sativas grow tall and thin for longer periods of time (11-20+ weeks) and are usually characterized as having a more cerebral high, whilst Indicas have quite the […]