The Sensible Cannabis Consumer: Regs, Mid and High grade – is some weed worth more than others?

Some time ago the UK experienced a phenomenon colloquially known as ‘grit weed’. It’s rumoured high level Dutch gangs were spraying growing plants with silica sand, which would end up inside the bud as the plant grew around it, resembling trichomes to the naked eye and adding a significant amount of weight to large harvests. […]

Influx of UK Cannabis Social Clubs Registering Since 4/20

And they just keep rolling in.  Each week at the UKCSC HQ we’re recieving club registration forms signing up to support the UK Cannabis Social Club model and gain the support and advice in getting their membership clubs into functioning entities within the current political situation we find ourselves living under.    We are thrilled that some […]

The Sensible Cannabis Consumer – Why the abstraction of electricity to power your grow is a BAD idea.

As explained in a previous UKCSC Grow your own weed for £ 4.20 a week, growing weed at home doesn’t require massive amounts of energy. However for larger grows, possibly using 1kw lights, the cost of electricity will add up. Unfortunately, in the UK at least, criminal gangs attempt to bypass electricity meters with the […]