Know Your Smoke – Grit, Spray and Flush.

Since 2007 there has been a worrying trend amongst large scale growers whereby they increase the weight of their yield by spraying the flowers with glass frosting spray, sugar or even micro contaminants. Whilst it is impossible to tell if micro contaminants have been used upon inspection; it is possible to check for glass frosting […]

Cannabis is medicine

GW Pharmaceuticals progress with diabetes, epilepsy and schizophrenia cannabis medicines

Clinical trials to use cannabis in the treatment of debilitating illness proving successful for licensed UK company. Whilst the release of their flagship medicine, Sativex and its success in 24 countries around the world has been taking place, GW Pharmaceuticals have been developing more treatment options for illnesses that can benefit from cannabis’ medical components. […]

Thanet Cannabis Café? Kent Green Councillor to hold public meeting in March.

A Green Party Councillor on the Isle of Thanet has proposed the opening of a cannabis café and is holding a public meeting on March 15th. The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has been in the news making headlines again raising the issue of Britain’s drugs policies saying that the war on drugs is “unwinnable” and the […]

Berkshire CC’s Clark French – SKY news Interview

Clark French gives his opinion on reported documented side effects of cannabis and how using cannabis allows him to ease the symptoms of his Multiple Sclerosis. When asked by the reporter to give his feelings on the alleged link between cannabis and schizophrenia, Clark makes reference to the Keele University study which used […]