Warring with terminology: A different critique at the portrayal most media gives of “drugs”.

I am honestly tired of people that think there are “certain” drugs. For this simple reason: everything is a drug, and specifically, your food is a drug. Why? Because a drug is any substance that causes a physiological change in the body. Wikipedia exempts food from this category, but I disagree, and if you kindly […]

United Patients Alliance Debunk Home Office Cannabis Petition Response

The government have now given an initial response to the Petition calling on them to Legalise the Production, Sale and Use of Cannabis: Which you can read here  (Oh and whilst you have it open – SIGN IT!) May I Retort? By Jonathan Leibling Political Director, United Patients Alliance. This is a tired response from our Government filled […]

UK Gangsters Cheer As Home Office Reject 200k Strong Cannabis Petition

The petition to legalise and regulate the sale of cannabis has received a response. The Government has said that they remain adamant that ‘drug use must be prevented in our communities’. However, following Theresa May’s definition of a drug, their motives for this stance is unclear; especially considering that they will not consider banning alcohol, […]

Cannabis use worse than theft?

Afternoon musings on the ‘Durham Police not arresting people for small-scale cannabis production or use’ palava: Back in May, Plymouth Police told owners of petrol stations that they would not be able to investigate if someone were to drive off without paying for their fuel, because of cuts to the police budget which meant they […]

Cannabis seizures drop in Surrey but more are growing say Cannabis Club

An article covering cannabis production in the Surrey Ad this week quotes Surrey Cannabis Club’s Alan Pavia.  “I don’t think these figures show that less people are growing, in fact I think the opposite is true, more people are growing than ever before. “People are growing a lot more for personal use and that has […]