CBD Crew Skunk Haze: Medicinal Cannabis Strain Review


An excellent strain from the CBD Crew. Unlike some seed companies which are jumping on the CBD bandwagon at the moment, the CBD Crew have tested all their genetics to confirm their high CBD content. CBD is a cannabinoid which has gained wide acclaim throughout the cannabis industry in recent years. CBD has gained a reputation of being extremely medicinal, a view backed up by many scientific studies. CBD has many therapeutic effects but the one that is most interesting to me is that CBD is an immunosuppressant1.

The immunosuppressive effect of cannabis is something which the anti-cannabis brigade often uses as an excuse for prohibiting cannabis, portraying the plant in a negative light. This could be seen in the recent article in The Telegraph about the London 4/20 protest smoke which saw over 10,000 people protest for their right to consume cannabis responsibly. I found it interesting that The Telegraph seem to be damning cannabis for reducing the function of the immune system, completely neglecting the fact that many modern strains have been bred for THC rather than for CBD – a fact the media often rely on when claiming that ‘skunk’ cannabis causes psychosis. I believe it is irresponsible journalism at its worst to claim that all cannabis has immunosuppressive effects, as this simply is not true.

It is interesting to note that for people with auto-immune diseases which require an immunosuppressant, such as Multiple Sclerosis or Crohn’s disease, cannabis apparently has no medicinal value. CBD is also an anti-psychotic2, an anti-inflammatory3 and has been shown to help treat tumours and cancerous growths in humans4 to name but a few of the therapeutic effects of CBD that have been shown by scientific studies.

Appearance. The Skunk Haze is a very interesting plant. It is high yielding and exhibits many characteristics of its parents in the way that it looks; the buds are quite large and long and are fairly dense.

Aroma/Flavour. There is undoubtedly a citrus almost lemon fresh kind of aroma which becomes much more pronounced when smoked. That combined with an earthy and rich flavour from the skunk mean that the taste is pleasant. The taste in a vaporizer is even more citrus and clean.

Effects. I’m extremely interested in the effects of the Skunk Haze as I find it helps with anxiety and pain in a major way. It is a functioning high and after smoking I feel relaxed and able to move more freely. It is a good hybrid for daytime medication as it does not leave you feeling tired or couch locked.

Comments. Overall I think that this is one of the best strains I have ever tried for symptom relief.