Clark French BBC Radio Berkshire – Tuesday August 13th 9am

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Clark French will be appearing on BBC Radio Berkshire at 9am on Tuesday 13th of August to discuss the recent cannabis activism and smoke out protest success.

Now that the summer of cannabis activism has got under way the UK media have started to latch on to the success that it is seeing. The issue of cannabis policy reform is growing and is a global issue, Uruguay are in the process of becoming the first country to legalise and regulate on a national level – defying UN conventions but setting up the dominos ready to watch them fall.

Berkshire Cannabis Community held a smoke up picnic protest on August 3rd where 300 supporters came and took part in an afternoon of peaceful civil disobedience. Two Police Community Support Officers came by to check up on what was going on during the event and left quite happily after seeing that everything was in order and the peace was not being disturbed, approving of Henry the hemp plant that stood on the table of information leaflets about cannabis and its different uses.

BBC Radio Berkshire will be interviewing Clark French of Berkshire Cannabis Community and Greg de Hoedt of the United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs at 9.00am on Tuesday 13th of August to discuss the recent protest and the next one that will be held in the same place, Kings Meadow, Reading on September 7th 2013 at 1pm. Thames Valley Police will also be interviewed in the show giving their opinion of the local activism.

Clark has been involved with cannabis activism for several years and uses cannabis to treat MS. He is unable to be prescribed Sativex made by GW Pharmaceuticals which is licenced for MS patients with moderate to severe MS. Clark says “I have a medical marijuana recommendation for when I am in California and they recognise that this is my medicine, here in the UK though thanks to a postcode lottery  I can’t even be prescribed the cannabis medicine that is legal and does work.”

“I and the Berkshire Cannabis Community are just standing up for what we believe is right.” Clark added.

You can tune into the show by clicking this link if you happen to miss the show then you can listen to the podcast later in the day.

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