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Cannabis Social Clubs are member based communities and groups that have come together to share their common interest in cannabis and stand up against adult cannabis prohibition at a time when no one else is. They work together to plan social activities, events, take part in campaigns to help raise awareness of the problems prohibition causes in modern society, organise protests and get media coverage to make the message reach the mainstream.

CSC’s are independently run and organised in their activities and are separate entities from the UKCSC but  work to the guidelines, practices and polices of that the UKCSC membership has nominated to put into practice so that they act as a non-profit.

Some Clubs have venues for meetings and social events while others are in the earlier stages.

Please find below a PDF document containing the necessary and appropriate documents that you will need to form a UKCSC approved CSC. We would love for you to register your Club with us so that we can have better communication and help each other work towards a more progressive and evidence based cannabis policy in the UK.

Cannabis consumption, possession and supply are illegal under current UK legislation. Possessing or cultivating any form of cannabis without a Home Office license, anywhere in the UK by anyone in the UK is prohibited by law. Membership of the UKCSC or any particular CSC or Collective DOES NOT constitute a Home Office license. Any form of cannabis possession, supply or cultivation, undertaken by any individual citizen of the United Kingdom as part of a UKCSC registered Clubs registered Collective is still illegal under UK law.

v 2.2 The UK Model UKCSC full doc

UKCSC Quick Start Guide

UKCSC Registration Forms

To register your Cannabis Social Club with the UKCSC or to find out any more details please e-mail with the subject: CSC Registeration and leave a message about the CSC you are planning to, or have formed, and have questions or intentions to register with us. We look forward to hearing from you and the possibility of working with you in the near future.

Club Pack Contents

Region UKCSC Stickers

Contents of Club Pack

CSC Registration Documents
Organisation Structure
CSC Statutes
NGO Registration Documents
CSC Constitution
Bank Account Set Up Guide
Executive Role Description
Code of Conduct
Individual Register to Club Form
Grow Models/Q &A
How To: Register, Get Tags, Record Data
Complaints Process
Data Protection Statement
Fair Trade Calculator
Full UkCSC Document
List of 150 UKCSC ID Numbers to Allocate to Membership

Membership Register

 ***Club names do not have to be registered in the name of the geographical location, they can be called whatever they wish to be as long as it is not offensive.

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