A Collective is a separate and legally distinct group of consenting adults that wish to avoid engaging with the black-market by the communal growing and sharing of cannabis. They agree to register with a Club (CSC’s are groups of Collectives, activists and cannabis enthusiasts or anyone that supports an end to prohibition and regulation of a cannabis market) and be regulated by the UKCSC. They exist in a not for profit capacity. The UKCSC Collects annonymised crop reports and uses the data to collate statistics on the usage trends in the current cannabis scenes. Many people have taken to growing cannabis for treatment of medicinal conditions which is largely being ignored by the Government and only privately supported by healthcare and professionals.

The ethos of the Collectives is to “take the greed out of the weed” and keep the price to it’s true value, moving away from the inflated prices that the black market has seen in recent years.

Millions of people already use and grow cannabis in the UK every year, 80,000 people are criminalised every year for it and it costs the police 500million a year out of the public purse. This needless criminalisation and spending of much needed public resources, in times of austerity, are unwarranted and there is a lack of evidence to suggest that the War on Drugs is worth the public expenditure, in fact it may be perpetuating the problem by encouraging gangs to take advantage of the criminal market that prohibition has created.

At a time when so many cannabis consumers are calling upon the Government to regulate cannabis such as in Colorado and Uruguay, those that have been involved with the UKCSC and contributed to this UK adoption of the European Cannabis Social Club Model contributed to the development of these models to help progress the the start of an emerging new industry.

We encourage those that are already growing to do so within the guidelines that we have provided which does not by any means exclude you from any laws that are currently  in place concerning cannabis. They are written to minimise and reduce any harms that you may come under for your involvement with cannabis, from possession to cultivation, allocation and transportation.

The UKCSC will stand by and support members and Collectives that have registered and been acting within the guidelines but have had police interaction of any kind or are arrested, or in the worst case scenario, raided.

Collectives personal cultivated cannabis is free from the risks that cannabis grown by chancing criminal gangs growing and selling purely for profit, with no standards, or concern that the product is suitable or has any concern for the well-being of the consumer.

  1. Registers Members under one of THREE models
  2. Shared – complete share of costs and no exchange of money between members for end product.
  3. Partial Participation/Caregiver – pays re-reimbursement for production fees.
  4. iii.                 Gardener – cultivates product reimbursement fee with reference to our Fair Trade Agreement. **Suitable for medical cannabis patients that are not in contact with any kind of cannabis or grower but need safe access. 

Please find below a PDF Document that has all the information, guides and forms including some Q & A’s about the Tagged Collective Cultivation Models. If you have any questions please e-mail with the subject: Collectives; or if you would like to register your garden that already falls inside the UKCSC models e-mail us with the subject: Register Collective, and we will be able to inform you on your nearest CSC that registers Collectives.

Full UKCSC Policies and Guidelines Document

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  1. Hi, I’d like to start making edibles to share with those in need, who prefer not to have burning particulate matter go into their lungs.

  2. i have fibro and back problems but have no access to cannabis or anyone who grows it. no clubs in liverpool either. How could i find someone in one of these clubs and if i did i would join and support you right away.

    1. Hi, sorry to hear about your fibo. have CFS and chronic back pain. I feel for you. f you can contact me on wickr me. odbceccles username, might be able to help you.

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