Devon Cannabis Protest – Flowerpots Playing Fields, Exeter 24th August 1pm


Devon Cannabis Club would like to invite you to their protest picnic smoke up at Flowerpots playing fields in Exeter on Saturday 24th of August to continue the stream of gatherings that has grown out of the UK this summer.

Exeter Cannabis UKCSCWith so much misinformation around Cannabis and its effects in the public eye, more and more Cannabis Social Clubs and organisations are looking at other ways of making ourselves more public and prove we are not what the majority make us out to be (lazy, dumb, useless stoners to name a few examples).

After the success of past smoke ups & social gatherings by other clubs such as Berkshire Cannabis Community’s recent smoke up picnic on Kings Meadow park in Reading, which got some great media attention and London Cannabis Club’s 420 event in Hyde Park, (where a reported 10,000 people turned up to openly consume cannabis responsibly), we have decided enough is enough. It’s time the Devon Cannabis Club and people far and wide, gathered on our grounds for our very own smoke up!

After plenty of discussions we decided that Exeter would be an appropriate location, due to its great travel links and central location. The spot will be Flowerpots playing field, along the scenic banks of the River Exe. We will be there from around 1pm onwards to about 6pm, with a big green gazebo and banners, so you won’t miss us!

We feel this is a very effective way of getting the message heard, branching out from the corners of the internet, into the real world; where people will be able to see that we are peaceful, safe and responsible while consuming our herbs. I’m sure we can all agree it would be a different story if we created an event for a mass ‘piss-up’ in public….well, we’ve all been out on a Friday or Saturday night at some point, no need to go there.

The Exeter Express and Echo published an article about Devon Cannabis Club this week which also has a statement from the Police, “while all participants taking part will be breaking the law, they recognised the protester’s right for a peaceful protest.”

You don’t have to smoke cannabis to take part! This is a peaceful protest against our country’s legal approach to cannabis. All you need is to be there and agree our laws are wrong and need changing. You will be showing that by being surrounded by a bunch of some of the best people you could wish for.

Don’t bring papers lighters etc! There will be a stall selling just what you need (within reason and legal of course), all the proceeds of which go towards bigger things within the UKCSC! There will be some form of music player, playing some suitable ‘choons’, so if you have any suggestions for the playlist, drop us a message.

Plenty of people will be around and giving out leaflets if you need informing or just want to openly chat about this miracle herb, without feeling ashamed or need to hide it.

All in all, we are looking for a chilled, hazy happy day. No trouble or bad attention (that goes without saying for a group of stoners really) and hoping everyone goes away with something positive at the end of the day.

We hope to see you there!