Farce and corruption: drugs minister Victoria Atkins MP recuses herself from drugs debate ‘due to my husband’s business interests’

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A debate in parliament on Drug Consumption Rooms yesterday once again exposed the blatant corruption at the heart of British politics that makes progressive reform in this country so difficult to attain.

Farcically, Victoria Atkins MP – the drugs minister – recused herself from responding to points relating to cannabis and synthetic cannabinoids “due to the potential for a conflict of interest with my husband’s business interests”.

The SNP’s Ronnie Cowan MP, who supports reform, had to cut out a section of his speech as a result. He posted the video of the debacle on Twitter:

Atkins, who opposes legalisation and decriminalisation, is married to the managing director of British Sugar, Paul Kenward. British Sugar grows cannabis seedlings for medicine in partnership with GW Pharmaceuticals. Atkins therefore benefits directly financially from keeping cannabis illegal so that her husband’s monopoly is not undermined by cheaper alternatives.

Atkins said she would ask the policing minister Nick Hurd MP write answers in lieu of her response. We wonder what he thinks about cannabis social clubs?

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  1. Canons of Ecclesiastical Law
    Article 72 – Sacred Drugs
    Canon 3935
    A Sacred Drug or entheogen is any naturally occurring substance with psychoactive properties used
    in a psychotherapeutic, religious, shamanic or spiritual context by a Religion or Cult. A psychoactive
    substance is any drug that crosses the blood-brain barrier and acts primarily upon the central
    nervous system, resulting in changes in perception, cognition, mood, consciousness and behaviour.
    Canon 3936
    Almost all Religions and Cults use and continue to use Sacred Drugs as an integral part of their
    sacred rituals. The most significant psychoactive substances throughout history for Religions and
    Cults, particularly sacred literature, have been hallucinogens.
    Canon 3937
    While there are many forms of natural entheogens, five of the oldest and most Sacred Drugs of the
    founding of ancient civilization are the red berries of the European Holly Plant, considered the oldest
    most sacred plant of Civilized history, Cannabis, also known as Hemp and Marijuana, the Opium
    Poppy of the plains of Asia, Psilocybin Mushrooms and the venom of poisonous animals such as
    Canon 3938
    Of the oldest and most Sacred Drugs of all civilized history the most important is without question
    Cannabis, also known as Hemp and Marijuana on account of its robustness, medicinal qualities and
    use as a primary source of superior fibre. Until its deliberate restriction and outlaw in the 20th
    Century for purely strategic political and commercial reasons, marijuana had historically represented
    the single most important crop of civilized agriculture next to grain.
    Canon 3939
    Prior to the deliberate outlaw and restriction of superior naturally grown psychoactive drugs by
    certain Cults in preference of synthetic manufactured inferior copies, psychoactive drugs for medicine
    and religious practice were largely free.
    Canon 3940
    Given the location, culture and natural availability of certain entheogens, Religions and Cults have
    adopted certain favoritisms towards certain Sacred Drugs throughout history. The most historically
    significant is the preference of the satanic Menes-heh and moloch worshipping priests of Ur, Syria and
    Palestine to mushrooms, while the Scythian/Khazars preferred marijuana and opium.
    Canon 3941
    The significant worship of mushrooms by the Menesheh remains evident by the historic adoption of
    sacred clothing symbolizing the importance of the mushroom, particularly in subsequent Religions and
    Cults created by the descendents of the Menesheh in later centuries.
    Canon 3942
    A particular trait of mushroom consumption is the predictable visual distortions of “Halluciogenic
    Entoptic Phenomena” implying the existence of a fractal-like substructure to nature based upon lines,
    lattice structures, triangles, serpent waves and squares in contrast to the real shapes of the
    universe. Hence, this geometric information is prevalent in Religions and Cults where their priests
    were addicted to these kinds of hallucinogenic drugs particularly in the form of triangular shapes.
    Canon 3943
    Knowledge of the Sacred Drugs preferred by certain Religions and Cults permits certain prediction to
    be made on the quality and nature of alleged sacred scripture written by their clergy throughout
    history when addicted to those substances.
    Canon 3944
    While the psychotropic effects of “magic mushrooms” may imply a deeper consciousness, a frequent
    by-product of such poisons is psychosis and sociopathic behaviour, particularly exceptionally dark
    and disconnected writing that has absolutely no connection whatsoever to the Divine.
    Canon 3945
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    peoples of Southern Mongolia, their subsequent rise to power and deliberately outlaw use of
    Cannabis extends to most of the world, excluding at the start of the 21st Century certain Arabian
    nations and in particular a centre of cultural significance for them called Amsterdam.
    Canon 3946
    Since the 20th Century, governments throughout the world have largely deprived their populations of
    cheap naturally grown pain killers in preference to supporting global commercial cartels of synthetic
    pain killers, often with numerous side effects. This global imbalance has contributed to the deliberate
    corruption and breakdown of societies as well as law and order across the world.
    Canon 3947
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    synthetic drugs produced by pharmaceutical companies is an offense against all civilization and all
    cultures and is immediately null and void.
    Canon 3948
    Any leader of any Religion or Cult that seeks to maintain the lie of alleging naturally grown Sacred
    Drugs are immoral in preference to synthetic and inferior varieties automatically consents, agrees
    and concedes they are without any moral authority, spiritual authority and are a willing heretic
    against the history of all faiths.

  2. Definitely a conflict of interest, so she should recuses herself from the position as Druds Minister,

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