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Glasgow Cannabis Social Club are working with the cannabis community of Scotland to hold our annual celebration of Cannabis. This is not a protest. We gather to share experiences, provide factual information, enlighten members of the public to our cause and to have some fun.

Merchandise and hemp related products will be available to purchase – All proceeds go towards the Clubs

Raffle Prizes – To be announced

Guest Speakers – To be announced

Artists – To be announced

Your guaranteed to learn something new about cannabis. We invite you to listen to what the UKCSC are doing to reduce the harms of not only cannabis but our governments outdated policy of prohibition.

Please join us for a day or even just stop by to say high… All are welcome, bring your skeptical and like minded friends – children must be accompanied by an adult. Please do not bring alcohol – this gives the police a reason to search you.

We do not encourage people to consume cannabis at the event and the community is reminded that possession and consumption is at their own risk. Discretion goes along way for both us and the police. We are are in good standing with the police from previous events and want to maintain this relationship.

If you would like to get involved with the promotion of this event or feel you have a few words to say then please contact us

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