Greater Manchester Public Protest to be held this weekend.

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ManCan & Mannijuana are proud to host their first collaborative public protest this coming weekend to celebrate their merger and discuss tactics concerning the unjust law classification of cannabis. On Saturday 12th October, the members of these groups will come together in Angel Meadows park in the north of the City center for what promises to be a great day, providing the weather holds out!

We will be supplying food and drink, as well as some good banter and hopefully some epic memories! We will be arriving around 1pm and heading home at around 6pm, so if you’re in the area over that time why not pop down for a smoke, I mean a chat!

The main purpose of the meet up is to discuss current legislation that prevents responsible adults from seeking a social yet safe place to consume cannabis. It is time to inform our government and law enforcement that we are fed up with being discriminated against because of our choice of substance. If one person is allowed to consume alcohol after a hard day at work, why can’t another person enjoy smoking cannabis as their method of winding down? The potential for abuse of alcohol is incredibly high and the effects can be devastating to your body, yet cannabis is criminalized based on very little scientific evidence and slandered due to ill-gotten ‘facts’ and rumor mongering.

We aim to inform the public of the medicinal benefits cannabis can bring, as well as the potential income that could be generated for the economy using a taxed and regulated system. Simple concepts such as eradicating black market dealers to prevent under-age persons buying cannabis could hold great sway with the public, considering we are in a day and age where it is easier to get hold of cannabis than it is to go into a pub and drink or buy alcohol from a shop. Another strong argument comes from the ever-growing population of cannabis users who have used cannabis oil to literally save their, or a family members, life. When presented with facts such as these it is difficult to see how anyone could see the false harms surrounding cannabis with an unbiased point of view.

If you have a spare moment, or are in Manchester for the day, come and say hello! The admin team will be easily recognizable wearing ManCan admin tees. If you don’t know where Angel Meadows is, just head over to the ManCan Facebook page and have a look at their profile image – it’s literally just north of the train station. The park has been specifically selected due to there being a lack of childrens facilities, and the central location to Manchester will ensure that we have members of the public approaching for a chat; the purpose of this being that we can hopefully convince non-smokers of the benefits and hopefully improve our reach to other non-consuming supporters.

Bring your friends, family, even the dog! It would be good to finally get to meet some of our members, as let’s face it, a meet up has been long overdue for our area!
By Jordan Toner

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