"I know that CBD can save many lives" – Cannabidiol & Medical Marijuana Genetics


“I know that CBD can save many lives.” Candida Lycett Green 

My mother who died from cancer and complications with her chemo port in August 2014, wrote that to me in the weeks leading up to her death. That day we started MMJ with the principal aim of raising awareness to the true medicinal properties of the Cannabis Sativa L plant.

At the time of my mothers passing, I was treating 3 people with 1:1 (CBD and THC) cannabutter and Tinctures. The man that helped me first by sending medicine, never asked for money and my journey into discovery began. To this day I have helped over 150 people access cannabis medicine lawfully, I will never stop doing that and encouraging people to make themselves.

The things that I have witnessed in that time have overwhelmed me. Let me be clear, in no way have I ever stated that cannabis is a cure for cancer. I know this as I lost my first patient (mum) having shrunk her tumours with cannabis oil medicine. Some of the patients have passed, some are still living beyond their initial diagnosis. Some have been children. Ailments have been everything from Cancer, Epilepsy, MS, Cluster headaches, chronic pain to just anxiety and sleep issues. I have seen people shrink tumours, stop seizures and in some cases replace enormous amounts of pharmaceutical pain medications with just cannabis.

EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE have benefited from cannabinoids, as every single human being has an Endo Cannabinoid system. A system within every human body that regulates your entire immune system.

Even if you have never used cannabis your own body endogenously produces Cannabinoids!!! You don’t have to smoke joints or do bongs, you can use oils, Tinctures, salves and suppositories. You can use cannabis that is low in THC and high in CBD. At the time of Mum’s passing access to high CBD cannabis in UK was very limited, all anyone knew or saw was high thc “skunk” cannabis which has little to no CBD in. We began at that time to work with the first person who sent my mum free medicine with the notion of creating high CBD genetics and providing global access to those genetics through a seed bank.

Today that seed bank Medical Marijuana Genetics is now live (www.mmgenetics.eu) and open.

Our strains have already won multiple awards in CBD and the flag ship strain is called Candida CD1. It has never tested over 1% THC (skunk is 20%+ THC) and it has the highest CBD percentages tested of any cannabis seed in The world. It has been used successfully by a foundation in Columbia to treat under privileged children with Epilepsy and Autism: “We have many testimonies from families whose epileptic children’s lives have been changed using a Candida extraction.” – Fundaluva Foundacion

Our other Strains all have a lot of CBD and THC in and have been designed to create medicine with, it is so very easy to extract cannabinoids using just coconut fat, it is very easy to grow cannabis also (lawfully) and provide medicine to your local community. Right now in the news of almost every western country, there are stories of Children beating cancer, having their seizures stopped and people being in less pain all have benefitted from cannabinoids. CBD oil from hemp is everywhere and people are demanding access. You can be providing that access.

We believe that our strains can benefit and provide an alternative to the cannabis that is currently available. We know that the Candida strain like in Columbia is being used to ease children’s suffering all over the world.

Would you be ready if your Mum had cancer? I know I wasn’t and every move that I have made since then has been trying to ensure other people might be ready if and when one gets that tragic news that your mother has less than six months to live. Its not just cancer though as everyone has an ECS .

I have met some truly wonderful people along the way, I have been inspired and am lucky to work with the best people in the world. I knew that as the first person to help my MUM who never asked for money is now my partner and head of genetics at our seedbank. That dream is alive today, people are making medicine, getting better and www.mmgentics.eu is now live too.

Thank you to all have made this dream possible of global access to high CBD genetics , if you’re growing MMG strains please send us photos and patient stories.

And if you want cannabis oil or you’re buying CBD oil !!Just make it yourself it is that easy.

Love John Green
P.S big up the The Tottenham Compassion Club and Tony Coys he’s a leader and I stand behind him in all that he and the TTCC have done for their local community.

Medical Marijuana Genetics

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