Isle Of Man Push For Medical Cannabis Trials

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Member of the House of Keys, the Isle Of Man Parliament, Dr Alex Allinson has proposed to the Attorney General that there should be more investigations into cannabis including clinical trials.

In a short segment published on Manx Radio from an interview with Tynwald MHK for Ramsey, Dr Alex Allinson he states that he has had talks about the issue. He is also the  previous President of Isle of Man Medical Society.

“I hope we can have a motion before the 25th of April” he says, and continues “to set up a sub committee on the use of Medical Marijuana and Cannabis”

“At the moment there is a spray that consultants can prescribe to patients with Multiple Sclerosis that helps stiffness – but there’s a lot of anecdotal evidence about the benefits of cannabis”.

This kind of investigation into the nature of the way cannabis is currently consumed by patients for the purpose of better understanding how to regulate a model that firstly removes the dangerous and criminal elements of the market and secondly it is a much more logical approach, reflecting how laws were successfully changed in the US which was through consumer lead research and polling.

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