Jack Herer, Californian Medical Cannabis Vapor Review.


Strain. Jack Herer. 

Method of ingestion. viVape2 – whip – vaporization is a great way of ingesting cannabis while minimising the potential harm from not burning plant matter.


Appearance. Wow, this looks fantastic, someone has really taken the time to care for and grow a great product. i think it has to be on a par with the nicest version of jack i have tried. so many trichomes glisten all over the bud, the picture does not really do it complete justice, it is beautiful. 

Medical Cannabis strain Jack Herer.
Medical Cannabis strain Jack Herer.

Aroma. very stinky, has the classic and amazing smell that tells me its the real deal. A very pungent earthy but sweet low with a lemon zest spicy sweet high. the smell is absolutely delicious.

Flavour. The viVape2 is a very decent vaporizer which gives a great cloudy hit, it actually sends the vapour to your mouth so you don’t need to breath hard to inhale the vapour at all. The flavour of this strain is fantastic, very clean and fresh vapor is so thick and cloudy it is great. The lemon spicy and sweet flavours blend together fantastically and make this a pleasure to consume. 

Effects. A real heavy hitter, very high in THC and you can instantly tell that by the uplifting effects. A sativa strain which is very heady and also really good for pain. I’ve been using lots of strain recently and the high from this definitely stands out. it is good for pain relief and a great wake and vape.

Comments. Great version of a great strain. Really enjoyed vaping it too as the flavour is incredible. Over all a great experience.

Clark French.

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