Joining A Local Club

What You Should Know Before Joining

  • Cannabis Social Clubs are private entities that run on a nonprofit basis.

  • You must be 18 or over to join. Photo ID is required to join a club and sometimes a utility bill for proof of address. Patients under this age may join with a parent and must have a letter of medical diagnosis.

  • CSC’s exist to help create a safe setting for cannabis consumers to socialise in and keep cannabis activity out of the sight of children and off the streets.

  • A club may charge a membership fee to allow access to their members nights, door entry fees to events, and for other services or products to help keep their community alive.

  • CSC’s do not sell cannabis products and are not here to hook people up with a local dealer, rather connect them with a safe local community.

  • CSC’s encourage members who want access to cannabis products to form shared gardens following the UKCSC Tagged Plant Collective model.

Why Become A Member?

Joining a club as an official private member shows that you believe in the Cannabis Social Club model and want to see it continue to grow. Membership fees enable clubs to achieve the goals their members set and make progress along their journey rather than just surviving on a bare minimum level. Great things have small beginnings and it will be special to look back in years to come and say “I helped make that change happen”.

Being a member of one UKCSC club can often enable you access to other UKCSC club events around the UK throughout the year, get you discounts with businesses that support our aims. Check out the full list of UKCSC membership benefits here.


How To Join A Club

The first way that clubs allow new members to join is if they are recommended by a friend that is already a member of their club. The club will then interview the member and see if they pass the vetting process that the club has in place to protect its members.

Some CSC allow existing cannabis consumers to make contact who wish to join their membership. Clubs reserve the right to not reply, or refuse applications and will either interview the potential member or put them through their club vetting process.

You may have a friend who is a member of a club in another part of the country that tells you about their being a club near you. Some clubs will allow cross club recommendation providing that club is also part of the UKCSC as they will have signed up to the same set of principles we set out for everyone.  

Upon approval of these processes the new member will fill in a membership form and pay any club administration fee for joining.


Clubs With Their Own Premises

Some of the UK Clubs have their own full time premises that is open several days a week and evenings for private members of that club. It is important that members keep the locations of CSC’s they have been made aware of secret from non members unless someone has been authorised to invite a friend or new member to the club.

UKCSC Clubs that are open in the UK welcome other clubs to visit and see how they operate as a functional club and membership so that we can transfer the knowledge we are learning to each other to help speed up the process for social acceptance.

The running and maintenance costs for clubs with a premises of their own is often higher than clubs without and therefore annual memberships fees may be higher.


What If There Are No Clubs Or Communities Near Me?

You may well be the one that needs to start something great. The UKCSC exists because we saw a need for something closer to home. If you feel the same, then we have a lot of practical advice on how to go about getting on your way to helping set up a branch of one of the fastest growing social movements in the UK.


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  1. Good morning my name is steve bell and iv recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer” iv long been a great believer in the power of Cannabis and particularly oils’ and their healing and medicinal properties. Im looking for more information please on any clubs that are near and close to me so maybes i can become involved a lot more than i am’ i dont like what the medical profession are getting up too with regards to the way they are operating on folk with this and other cancers’ i feel we are being lied too on a monumental scale’ aye could you please give me more info on what you do and how at all if possible i can become involved.
    yours faithfully and sincerely
    steve bell.

  2. josh

    hi I’m a medicinal user and have a wide knowledge of the growing, consuming and political side to it.

  3. Janet Dyson

    Hi, Please help! I was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer in November 2017.
    The chemotherapy I’ve had so far isn’t working. I see my oncologist on the 19th April to see what happens next. I desperately need some help and Bud Buddies site has your information.
    Thanks in anticipation.
    Jan Dyson

  4. Calvin brandy

    Hi there I would like to join a club local to Watford please can anyone get back to me

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