Jorge Cervantes: Ultimate Grow 1 #GYO


Jorge Cervantes DVD the Ultimate Grow 1 walks you through the necessary information you need to prepare a growing space and create the required conditions for growing cannabis. 

To make sure you are getting good quality cannabis that is safe and of a strain that suits you, growing your own is one of the best options.  Watch this start to finish guide with cultivation expert Jorge Cervantes. He will discuss the reasosns why you need to take certain measures and provide a certain environment to grow good quality, safe and clean cannabis. If you have been struggling or are looking to switch from a street dealer to growing your own then this is a great place to start.

The UKCSC suggests that if you do want to grow your own you should stick to under 9 plants and grow for your own personal use. If you are growing for you and your friends or for patients why not follow the footsteps of the cannabis social clubs in Spain and form a non-profit collective? Instead of

Many patients are unable to grow or do not have the space to and also require strains that are scarcely available on the market. In Medical States in the US people act as caregivers or MMJ providers, in the Netherlands growers “adopt a patient”, in Spain, Belgium and Austria patients join or form collective gardens where they pool their plants and one or more gardeners grow for the membership of the collective. The cost of the cannabis is worked out prior to harvest based on the cost to produce it so when the product is ready the cost is divided by the end weight and a cost per gram is calculated and split between the members.

Check out our guide and Fair Trade Calculator for more information and how to calculate the cost of growing cannabis to share.  Ditch the dealer and stop funding organised crime – possibly even grow for a patient.

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