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Prohobition provides problems that could easily be avoided. Know your cannabis and be one step ahead of the game.


At the Berkshire cannabis community we have been thinking about how we can share knowledge of cannabis with more people who consume it. One of the most basic and fundamental concepts which can help any seasoned smoker make a more well informed de

cision as to when to smoke is knowing the difference between an indica and a sativa strain. Now many people know all about the differences but the amount of people who don’t have a clue is quite surprising, especially amongst cannabis consumers.

It is fairly easy to describe the difference between the Indica’s and sativa’s and as soon as you start talking about it people tend to understand. I usually find myself saying “ you know how sometimes when you smoke, you get “couch locked” don’t want to move and get sleepy (indica), but then other times you feel wide awake and buzzy (sativa) – well that’s the basic difference between the two” Most people who smoke have had both of those experiences with cannabis and find it easy to relate to.Reading Pootest Picnic AUg 3 20133r

The difference an indica or sativa strain comes down the the genetic and chemcial make up of the plant. Most consumers know that THC is what gets you high and due to recent science we know that CBD can enhance and prolong the effect of THC while dampening the high of it acting much like a compressor. This is fantastic for medicinal patients but still very beneficial for recreational and spiritual users who benefit in just the same way.

Everyone who smokes enjoys being able to take advantage of the various different flavors and smells that the cannabis plant has to offer (lemon, cheese, purps, blues and chemmy spices) and it is a plant that has the ability through its genus’ to produce one of the most abundent range of these smells and flavors known as terpines and flavonids. Basically they are essesntial oils and we all know the importance of things that are essential – just look at the aromatherapy industry – they are essentially the same thing just produced in a different plant.

THC which is known for getting you high is also an enhancer so when combined with certain terpines that have their own different effects they become more active.

Look out for more of our articles about the science of cannabis and just how important terpines can be!

We have teamed up with a local grow shop to make a flyer in the hope of educating more cannabis consumers about the differences between indica’s and sativa’s, which we will be handing out at our Berkshire Protest Picnic on the 3rd of August 2013 at kings meadow in Reading.

In the mean time please share the flyer and spread the knowledge. The UKCSC and the Cannabis Social club movement across Europe is promites safe and responsible cannabis use and broadening the eductaion around the plant can only serve as a harm reduction measure.

Clark & the Berkshire Cannabis Community Admin team.

You can read more by Clark including strain reviews and articles at his blog

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