London Cannabis Club 420 coverage on Dopefiend’s The Dopecast


The UKs No1 cannabis podcaster joins the London Cannabis Club at Hyde Park for 4/20 celebrations and interviews UKCSC founders Orson Boon and Greg de Hoedt with some very atmospheric live coverage from the biggest cannabis event in recent UK history!

Saturday April 20th 2013 really has now gone down in UK cannabis history. Was this the kickstarter that the UK movement needed? One thing is for sure and that is it will only grow into everything we ned it to if YOU get behind the movement and the campaign now. Come to the public gatherings and smoke ups. We are here to normalise the cannabis culture and make it accepted.

On this month’s episode of the Web’s Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend kicks off the show by announcing the return of the only Grower’s and Breeder’s Cup on British Soil, the Dopefiend Cup, which will once again be awarded this year on August 31st to a deserving producer of truly world-class cannabis. Keeping to the theme of celebrating the British cannabis scene, the Dopefiend moves to the subject of the UK’s most successful cannabis event in history, the 4/20 Hyde Park Smokeout.

Deep within the throng of cannabis users in the glorious sunshine in London’s Hyde Park, literally in the Queen’s back yard, the Dopefiend is joined by two of the event’s organizers, Orson Boon of the London Cannabis Club, and Greg de Hoedt of the United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs and NORML-UK, and the three of them talk about the success of the event, whether the growing UKCSC movement is attracting a newer and younger demographic to the cause of cannabis activism, whether it will ever reach the lofty heights of the Spanish Cannabis Club scene. Next we hear the roar of the crowd as 4.20 strikes and Greg de Hoedt rallies those gathered in Hyde Park and massive clouds of smoke billow across the sunny sky to the dismay of passing tourists.

After a musical interlude from DopeTriber Esse B’s upcoming album Essential Beats, the Dopefiend relocates to the cosy surroundings of the Dope Den, where DopeTribers are continuing the day’s festivities by firing up the VapeXhale Cloud vaporizer, and taking a look back at a recent group Cloud testing session held at the Dope Den with Orson of the London Cannabis Club, Hatchy, the Gremlin of Ganja, and Scoobysnakks, who talks about his dreams of moving to Amsterdam and bringing his online radio station, Planet London Radio with him. The hardened vaporists then shift their focus to the Cloud, talking about how the vaporizer marketplace is changing and beginning to accommodate high-end machines such as the miniVAP. Hatchy does the honours by loading up the Cloud with some Holy Grail Kush and taking the first hit, and then passes the Cloud round, while talking about how you can take surprisingly big hits without even feeling them, leading to all the gathered tribers taking numerous hits and giving their opinions on this highly sought-after piece of stoner equipment, including whether they think it’s worth the steep price tag.

Returning to the 4/20 celebrations at the Dope Den, the Dopefiend checks in with Esse B, Professor Vape and the Gremlin of Ganja as they hog the VaporLounge and the Cloud, while talking about how they’ve celebrated 4/20 this year. Later that same evening the Gremlin of Ganja is considerably more stoned and is enjoying introducing others, like Stubbs, Mellow Culero and St Wolf to this machine as a 3 metre Volcano bag inflates. Finally, the Dopefiend sneaks off to a quiet corner of the Dope Den with Kush King to talk about their feelings at the end of an amazing 4/20, the success of the London smokeout, how it compares to the Amsterdam 4/20 experience, and even Barecelona’s Spannabis, and how the success of the event is even leading the Dopefiend to consider holding a Dopestock event in London in the future.

The Dopefiend goes on to talk about how he’s been allergy testing himself against a range of strains, and the disappointing results that are encouraging him to cut some of his favourite strains out of his stoner diet, and bake the offending herb into some super-strength edibles. Finally Kush King talks about how he’ll be reducing the output of his video podcast, Rollin with Kush King, with a view to expanding the focus of the videos and lengthening each episode as well. Finally the Dopefiend gives one more call out for stateside DopeTribers to get in touch if they want to participate in the first episodes of the Dopecast recorded in NYC, Denver, Las Vegas and San Francisco. Email, send us a voicemail, follow @dopefiend and the new Virtual VaporLounge on twitter, and check out the forum.

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