Manchester 420 Platt Fields A Smokey Success

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Mannijuana & ManCan’s 420 event goes off as planned – not one bad point to the day! Everyone with any inkling of knowledge regarding cannabis knows about 420 and 420 culture and it is no different here in Manchester. For almost 3 months, admins from Mannijuana and ManCan have been organizing a get-together for Manchester. It ended in the culmination of almost 400 people coming together to celebrate our beloved plant and discuss our mutual frustration at current unjust laws. Manc4201
Some friends and I arrived at the event at around 1pm and sat quietly at the back with my pineapple chunk herb watching the crowds grow and grow. My first thought was something along the lines of “100 people, that’s not too bad of a turn out!” and within minutes, you couldn’t even move – there were people literally struggling for seating space! The crowds arrived en masse and soon the air was thick with varied scented plumes of smoke, ranging from barbequed meat all the way to the earthy smell of high quality hash. It was amazing! Everywhere you looked you could see groups of cannabis activists intermingling with other groups. Soon the bongo drums came out and a duet formed with two amazing bongo players. Decorations went up, music was turned up, and then the police arrived… Smiling! They were aware of our plight and our intentions, and were completely fine with us – they even sampled some of the food! After a 30 minute discussion with the caterers and event organizers, they left us to our own devices and from there on; the day couldn’t have gone any better. Everywhere you could go within the location, there were people chatting, laughing, eating, smoking, singing… The atmosphere was something special – everyone had come together for one mutual cause and everyone was aware of it. There were no hard feelings, no harsh words, nothing but peace, relaxation, good times and the herb. The only thing I felt was missing was heightened media attention – The event got to page 3 in the Manchester Evening News and that is fantastic work, but I feel that if the more sinister red tops would have paid attention I.e. The Daily Mail & The Mirror, they would have had nothing bad to report on, and would have had to write a fair article for once. I truly can’t wait for next year’s 420 – hopefully it will be huge! I have no idea how to top this one, everything was perfect, but we will surely try our best! Manc4202Manc4204Manc4203

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