Medical Marijuana Labeling Requirements 101


UKCSC is pleased to share this excellent infographic by, which explains labelling procedures for medicinal marijuana in US states.

In the United States, the majority of states have legalised cannabis for medical purposes. California was the first state to legalise marijuana back in 1996.

Although in many states there are numerous initiatives for marijuana legalisation, not all states have followed this trend. There is no federal law that regulates how medical marijuana products will be packaged and labeled, but every state has its own regulations.

So, when medical marijuana producers want to sell their products, they should take a close look at the regulations of the state in which they run their cannabis business.

Regulations about packaging obligate the producers to have their products tamper-proof, child-proof and properly labeled. Since different states have different regulations, labels on medical marijuana products differ from state to state. What is common for all regulations is that the label should include a warning statement, information about strain and weight. In some states, information on the label is accompanied by a specific type of symbol.

To see where cannabis is legalised in the US, see the infographic beliw. It shows the medical marijuana labelling requirements of different states and the look of medical cannabis labels.