Norfolk Cannabis Protest – Norwich, Chapelfield Gardens, 1st September 12pm


East Anglia Cannabis Club cordially invite you to partake in a public protest in regards to legal and safe cannabis consumption.  Exercise your right! End prohibition! chapelfield-gardens-norwich1st September 12pm onwards.

Following the great success of the recent public smoke-up hosted around the UK by many other Cannabis Social Clubs, Communities and Collectives have decided to step up their game and create easy to access, safe public events to help gain a public footing and a physical presence. UKCSC is trying to raise awareness of the harms of prohibition and the benefits of cannabis.

The UKCSC wants you to get involved smokers, and non smokers alike. Remember you don’t have to consume cannabis to support peoples right to consume it as a safer alternative to tobacco and alcohol products. Both of those kill and cause serious illnesses – cannabis can heal those and it hasn’t ever killed anyone. You have a voice, stand up and use it! Now is the time.

There will be some chilled out music and lots of like minded people and it is a great place to be able to come together and see how you can get involved with such an exciting time in the UK cannabis movement. There are two legal states in America now and Uruguay is taking steps to legalise also. Let’s join in.

This is East Anglia Cannabis Clubs first gathering and the message we want to put out is that cannabis consumers are not to be feared and there is no reason to be discriminated against. We just want the freedom to choose what we put into our own body. Medicinally, recreationally or not at all! We know cannabis is safer than alcohol, supported by fact and science and death tolls – so why must we hide away!?

For those of you wary of such a protest, or not knowing what to expect. Don’t fret. You can expect a warm welcome from people of all aspects of life, a very relaxed and upbeat atmosphere and most of all, a rich feeling of gratitude from expressing your own personal right to consume cannabis. Such an event is a great way to meet like minded people who enjoy cannabis for multiple reasons, or just see its value in life and wish it to be seen in a new light!

Remember, you have your voice. We can change this.

We hope to see you there.