UKCSC Club Membership

Since 2011 the UKCSC have supported individuals and groups that have set upon a journey to improve the situation cannabis consumers face in their local towns and cities. This effort of localising the national effort to the reform of cannabis laws has proven largely successful and as such we have seen a high influx of support towards this model. The result is many new clubs looking for ways to turn their initial interest into something meaningful and longstanding that achieves some goals that inspired you to get involved with Cannabis Social Clubs in the first instance.

Annual Fee: £250



Why Join The UKCSC? What will this achieve?

Standing together and working towards an agreed model allows us to show that we are capable of setting standards and regulating ourselves as a private non-profit industry in the UK. We have over 100 Clubs and groups around the UK and we have a simple message that we wish to get across to the demographics that are not familiar with our campaign or why it is time to support change. This can be achieved not just by a club existing, but by pooling resources to pay for campaigns that otherwise would not be able to be pulled off.

Why £250? Well, we recommend that clubs start their memberships off at least £10 per member in order to be able to start their own club funds and hold events or to reinvest in products to sell. We encourage clubs to reach 30 members before handing over £250 (so you still have some club funds) and we are happy to help you reach this number!

It’s also key to remember, it isn’t just about what you can get, it’s about what you can put into it – we are here together to make change a reality.


Contributions go towards:

  • Campaign Costs
  • Printing costs (banners/information leaflets)
  • Advertising
  • Website fees
  • Travel expenses
  • Guest Speakers
  • Room/venue hire
  • External Consultations/ Training
  • Content
  • Paid for articles in other publications
  • Helping clubs kickstart or transition


What Clubs Get

  • Moral support
  • A voice in the cannabis consumers union and be part of a network of national clubs working towards the same goals
  • Guidance understanding the nature of running a club and the UK model
  • Legal Advice when following the UKCSC model
  • Support from National on any issue
  • Deals with Press Relations
  • Speak with Authorities on your behalf
  • Help planning and executing local campaigns for maximum exposure/impact
  • Offer members the chance to start a Tagged Plant Collective for Fair Trade Grade (Non UKCSC members have to pay £20 admin fee to join)
  • 1 x website article written by UKCSC about your club.
  • Promote events or write blogs on the UKCSC website to boost your own pages and site
  • Economical/Business Advice/Planning
  • Fundraising advice


Unique Extras – Coming soon

  • Printed literature of national campaigns and educational/information advice/Harm Reduction leaflets for events/venues.
  • AGM Ticket Discount
  • Membership discount on webstore
  • Affiliate/Sponsors discount codes
  • Stock Catalog

Where We’re Heading – Green Market Standards Approval

We want to help CSC’s improve the standards of growing, extractions and edible making; and to make these products safer for members if they are being exchanged or purchased. To do this we are introducing Green Market Approval Standard Ratings where we offer a set of guidance which can be followed to achieve complete compliance. Producers participating in this transparency model are helping pioneer a better industry for producers to work by and consumers to start to expect. An online system has been developed to allow consumers to stay aware of if the producers certificates are still in date or have expired, and whatsmore encourage the consumers to tell the producers if they have lapsed at all. This gives power to the consumer in order to control the standards of the products being sold.

CSCs or Collectives that meet the following standards consistently over a 1 year period will be able to apply for the Green Thumb Print Standards Approval.

  • Tested products with valid lab sheets available
  • Labelled accurately with cannabinoid content
  • Fair Trade Grade pricing
  • Private Members Club /Vetted
  • Offers Tagged Plant Collective sign up