OG Kush Wax – Californian Concentrate Review.


Strain. OG Kush Wax.

Method of ingestion – Domeless quartz nail dab

Appearance. Stunning looking golden orange colour, very malleable and smooth. nice and shiny and smooth, looks fantastic.

OG Kush Wax

Aroma. The smell is amazing, so sweet and classic chem aromas with a pungent earthy low. A great piney and fruity sweet combo.

Flavour. Tastes even better then it smells, real classic and memorable OG flavour, really love this flavour, definitely what i was looking for.

Effects. Real amazing pain killing effects really up lifting and energy giving so great for fatigue too ( unless you over do it that is 😛 ). Long lasting and effective – this is a great one for the day time.

Comments. This is what i was looking for while i was out here and i am far from disappointed, the flavour is so fantastic i’m glad i got to try it and would like some more please 😛 – Dabs are great for pain and time control as it takes a fraction of the time to get the same amount of cannabinoids into you as it would if you were smoking the flowers.


Clark French


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