Original Dampkring, Fire Alien Romulan. Amsterdam Coffeeshop Cannabis Review.


Strain. Fire Alien Romulan. Dampkring Indica dominant hybrid.


Appearance. Medium brightness greens – darker pale green bud structure and dark green leaves. Not much leaf left on which is nice. Does look like It has more trichomes once broken into than on the surface. Really nice plumes of wispy orange pistils come out of the calyxes.

fire alien romulan

Aroma. Musky and Fruity and a little plant like. Really nice smell strong and slightly pungent fruity citrus when ground up much more than before. Skunky and quite sweet too, smells good to me.


Flavour. Smoke is very smooth and goes down very well but I think it lacks that flavour punch i’m looking for. Not to say it’s not a pleasant smoke but it doesn’t have that much of a taste. Its smells like it would taste better than it does.  A little Musky and a tiny hint of fruit. A little disappointing over all flavour wise, was hoping the fruity citrus from the aroma would come through

original dampkring

Effects. Nice all over functioning body high. Makes me feel like I’m in less pain without being a knock out. This is a high functioning smoke for sure and one which I would happily smoke in the day when I have things to do but still need some decent pain releif. It’s not too strong or high in THC that you can’t function, but its high enough that you can feel it especially for pain and fatigue.


Comments. Flavour was a bit of a let-down, but I definitely enjoyed the effects.

Clark French.


Clark is a Medical Cannabis Patient, Activist and the UKCSC’s Official Strain tester. He uses cannabis to relieve the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. You can read more strain reviews on his blog.