ukcsc-logo-small-jpgThe UKCSC is an NGO platform founded in 2011 by citizens throughout the United Kingdom affected by and/or concerned by the current national and international war on people who use certain drugs, particularly cannabis. UKCSC unites the representatives of individual CSC’s in the UK, health workers, industry professionals, experts, entrepreneurs and activists from across not only the UK but Europe and the rest of the world.


UKCSC Committee Members

Chairman – Greg de Hoedt
Vice Chairman – Michael Fisher
Secretary – Jannette JJ Clements
Treasurer – Rob Davidson

Political & Government Liaison – Stuart Harper
Web Admin – Kerry Tolhurst
Dogsbody – Dan Jose

Press & Media please contact

Regional UKCSC Contacts:
London  – 
Adam Bouabida – London Smoking Club
South East  – Rob Davidson – Brighton Cannabis Club
South West  – Deej Sullivan – Devon Cannabis Club
West Country – Jo Martin/Alistar Burrell – Bristol Cannabis Club
East Anglia – Andrew Jones – East Anglia & Norfolk Cannabis Club
Midlands – Doreta Belle – Central Birmingham District Cannabis Club
North East  – Michael Fisher – Teesside Cannabis Social Club
North West  – Leeds Cannabis Social Club
Northern Ireland – Marty Giles – Hemp NI
Scotland – Chris MacKenzie – Glasgow Cannabis Social Club
North Wales – Joss Watson Manning
South Wales – Jay Wilburn – Cardiff Cannabis Social Club

Why we are here

The criminalisation of cannabis consumers, producers and suppliers – punishable under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 – should be replaced with rational, evidence based policy. A regulated market for the commercial sale of cannabis should be implemented in favour of simple decriminalisation in order to protect the youth and most vulnerable members of society who are allowed to come to harm under the current system of prohibition. Removing cannabis from the MDA71 will improve the living standards and life opportunities of tens of millions of people in the UK, whilst making a substantial impact on the income of major international organised crime and providing a £1.25bn source of tax revenue for the treasury and public of Britain. Regulation of a UK cannabis market would introduce 10,000 new jobs having a significant impact on unemployment.

Cannabis consumers should not be forced to buy their cannabis from sources where proceeds go towards real crime or funding gangs that create real victims. This is a completely artificial chain that has been created simply by the continued enforcement of prohibition.  The United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs are here to help bring an end to this by replacing the criminal supply chain with a community based system similar to that is working in other parts of Europe.

How we work

Cannabis Social Clubs (CSC’s) are individual entities that exist as private membership community groups and clubs. Between us, we facilitate the exchange of information, ideas and experiences among our members. We publish news on the progress of drug policy in the UK and Europe and respond to local media stories to give a more balanced debate than is currently put in print and on-line. We aim not to just follow news stories but make them also which we have been successful in with consistency year after year.

UKCSC’s engage in dialogue with local and national politicians, Police Crime Commissioners and  other figures of authority and influence so they can be informed about what the local people want, and in order to pressure the Government departments that influence drug policy reform.

We promote peaceful activism aimed at the media and public opinion, in order to stimulate public debate on the need to end prohibition and the unjust, unfair criminalisation of cannabis consumers.

Cannabis policing in the UK is, statistically racist and disproportionately targets and punishes black people 6 times more harshly than white people who are 9 times more likely to use cannabis.  This does nothing to help public police relations and needs to stop.

When we started

The UKCSC were founded in 2011 but the roots of the Cannabis Social Club movement can be found in Spain where there are now 1,000 that open their doors every day.

From 2007 onwards, the European Commission started a dialogue with civil society on drug policy. ENCOD – European Coalition for Fair and Effective Drugs Policy,  has always played a crucial role in the establishment of this dialogue. The promise to do everything to ensure that it will be a sincere dialogue, accessible to all citizens.

Every year, the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs meets in Vienna, Austria, in order to decide on the future of global strategies against drugs. At these meetings ENCOD presents an appeal to the UN and national governments to consider the freedom to grow plants for personal use or non-commercial purposes as the human right of every adult citizen of the world.

In September 2012 The UKCSC submitted written evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee reviewing current dug policy and also attended the conference at parliament as well as working with ex senior law enforcement and MPs that are campaigning for a change to the current socially destructive drug policy.


The UKCSC has ran on a voluntary basis for its first five years with much of the cost of keeping the organisation running being contributed by staff out of their own pocket. While no one is paid a wage for their time, with the growing administration of such a busy non profit organisation, expenses are incurred. Travelling to meetings across the country, hosting and maintaining the website, hiring venues and meeting rooms, organising conferences, the cost of printing promotional materials for awareness days and so that Cannabis Social Club’s can spread a consistent message throughout the UK and arm those willing to be activists with the tools to achieve something.

We do not receive grants from any trusts or foundations but if you would like to make a donation to help keep the UK Cannabis Social Clubs running and being a proactive, effective entity for reform we would be happy to thank you for one! You can donate via Our Pay Pal, or by using the donate box on the right hand side of this page; or if you would like to make a donation in another way please contact us via

We also offer a range of services to help promote your business through website advertising, event sponsorship and package deals to be promoted across social media. If this sounds like something your business would be interested in do not hesitate to get in touch on the e-mail above.

In 2016 the UKCSC started it’s Legal Aid Fund in order to directly challenge the law on personal cultivation in the court and this will be an important part of the campaign focus in 2017 if we are to put a test case forward as other EU nations have successfully. If you would like to contribute to this fund please do via


The Cannabis Social Club movement started in Spain. Originally composed of small consumers, growers and patients they collectively grow cannabis for their own personal use. This small model was soon replicated by others to provide a constant supply of affordable, high quality and most importantly safe cannabis.

Some CSCs decided to take their model further and increase their membership by allowing existing members to invite friends to also become members of the club. They do not advertise, accept under 18’s or take new members that haven’t tried cannabis before. When joining clubs ask members to give an amount to how much they require on a monthly basis and what kind. This helps the club factor in how much they need to grow so they are growing to cater to the needs of the member.  Costs are usually worked out on the production value and any running costs of the club. They are not for profit entities. Some have smokers’ lounges where you are able to socialise with other members.

In the last five years this movement has proved to be a successful and safe model based on a harm reduction approach with community values. The CSC movement has now been adopted by other European countries such as Belgium, Austria, France, Slovakia and starting in the UK.

They did not have permission from the law to start this and even Spanish CSCs are still subject to raids by the police destroying their grows and arresting those running the clubs. They open back up within days because they know they are doing the right thing.

Check our full list of UK Cannabis Social Clubs here. 

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