Police and courts condemn man who grew cannabis to treat pain in act of useless wickedness


A man from Stoke who grew cannabis to treat pain and because of the poor quality obtainable on the black market has been sentenced to rehabilitation and unpaid community service. The case once again demonstrates the inhumane wickedness of prohibition and the wastefulness it generates in terms of police and state time and resources.

Christopher Nicklin, who looks after his parents and two children, had his house raided by police, who found 11 plants, seedlings and a spliff. He told officers he grew his own cannabis solely for his own use to relieve pain from an old sports injury and because he was fed up with dealers lacing spliffs with “sand and monkey dust”, which was “detrimental to my health”.

He has been given a 12-month community order with a requirement to complete 12 days of rehabilitation. He was also ordered to complete 120 hours of unpaid work and pay £135 court costs.

Presumably the prohibitionist British state would have preferred this man to care for his family in constant pain or carry on financing the black market.

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1 thought on “Police and courts condemn man who grew cannabis to treat pain in act of useless wickedness

  1. I’m confused and horrified that such injustice continues to be meted out on an otherwise innocent self grower that is hypocritically sanctioned as acceptable if your the Drug ministers spouse and is produced as extremely expensive drugs in our own Prime ministers spouses business!

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