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Since the UKCSC’s inception in 2011 and thanks to continued campaign work there has been a huge surge in Cannabis Social Clubs set up by local activists that are willing to put the wheels in motion for a change of scene.

This has made the UK a much friendlier place for patients that benefit from cannabis as well as recreational consumers that are both looking for better quality cannabis, a wider variety of strains to suit their needs, and a place to socialise or relax in.

  • Cannabis Social Clubs in the UK do not grow and distribute cannabis.
  • They provide a safe setting for adults to consume socially and for medical purposes in venues friendly and supportive of the reform movement.
  • Members bring their own products to consume and share.
  • CSC’s provide educational information and support to those that need it where possible.
  • Members that grow their own are encouraged to follow the UKCSC Tagged Plant Collective Model to provide support to them if a legal situation were to arise.

Prohibition isn’t working. Adult cannabis consumers across the country have come out in support of the Cannabis Social Club movement to help make a change to the way the UK sees and legislates cannabis use, sale and production. Being able to socialise with other adults in a neutral environment is an important part of a healthy social life, just in the same way people who drink alcohol in a pub or restaurant are socially entitled to. Cannabis Social Clubs are a step towards a more equal Britain.


Having An Idea – Get Inspired

  • Being influenced to create something in your local area for you and your friends is where it all starts.
  • Keeping the idea small and realistic will give you a higher chance of making those first steps happen.
  • Going too big too quickly can set you up for disappointment – as exciting as these ideas and ventures are this is still illegal and people have reservations about signing up to an illegal cannabis social club.
  • It is about building a local community, not building an international brand to be known as the greatest club ever – those clubs shine through naturally.
  • Plan out what kind of Club you want to start. Will you just hold monthly events? Will you aim for your own venue? Will you get involved with Cannabis Activism with your membership?


Work Together – Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Running a CSC is not something you can or should do on your own. While a good amount of the administration side might be done by one person this does not mean that they should be responsible for organising events, vetting and signing up all the members, running the social media and website, communicating with the press or council or even MP or Police Chief or Crime Commissioner. It takes a team and team players that are willing to work to their strengths.

Roles that we see working within clubs are:
Chairperson/Director – Keeps the club to it’s schedule

Vice Chair – Assists in organisation.

Membership Secretary – Keeps track of membership details, renewals, cancellations.

Treasurer – Someone that looks after the club money and keeps account of expenses and the balance.

Communications Manager – Contacts Members, Social Media, Newsletters, Press.

Having team members that are great at video and graphics, photography or even basic e-mail campaigns or build websites is all helpful and you will see when start getting members that many of them have skills the club can benefit from.


Creating Your Private Membership

  1. Age of consent 18. Photo ID is required to join a club and sometimes a utility bill for proof of address. Patients under this age may join with a parent and must have a letter of medical diagnosis.
  2. Vetting Procedure. Have a way of checking out your potential members and interviewing them. It is down to you to try and keep the membership safe. See our guide.
  3. Joining Fee. This assists the club with administration running costs and shows a commitment from the member to the club for one year.
  4. Club Rules. Having some basic principles for the members to sign up to and abide by helps set the tone from the start. If people do not like them they do not have to join. See our guide.
  5. Membership Form. Create a form for your members to sign so you can keep track of who your members are if you ever need to contact them. You will also know when to renew each member. See our template.
  6. To join a club they must be a friend of an existing club member and be vetted, OR contact the club directly and be vetted. Clubs reserve the right to not respond or refuse or cancel membership of new members and those that invited them if the rules are breached.

Nb. Clubs that have started but left the setting of membership fees till years later have found it hard to progress at the speed they intended. Those who have freely attended events have not signed up, as there didn’t seem to be a need to. This sees many clubs fold. £10 – £25 is a valid fee for a non venue club and up to £50 for a club with a venue that has overheads is reasonable.

Nb. Some clubs will like to give their members something for signing up – try not to just give away items to the value that you have signed them up for however, as they are signing up for access – not freebies.


Building Local Relationships

Part of what we are trying to achieve at the UKCSC is helping cannabis become more integrated with the rest of society. We do not have to be in people’s faces to do this though. There are many non cannabis businesses out there that support our aims and are willing to work together with clubs to show that support. Building relationships with local businesses that will push your members towards their services, whether it be a head shop, printing shop or a jerk chicken shack, maybe they would be prepared to give your members a discount or a special deal if you encourage your members to go there? Little things like this help boost morale and can really help strengthen the movement you are creating in your hometown or city. It’s not all about the cannabis!


Registering Your Club With The UKCSC

You can get in touch with us at any stage during your founding process and we encourage you to do so! We would love to offer you any help and guidance that we have learned from our 7 years of mentoring and running active clubs in the UK.

To officially register with the UK Cannabis Social Clubs we ask for a donation of £100 per year which contributes towards our running costs.

This donation will give you access to the UKCSC team when you need them, as well as the chance to publish blogs on the website promoting your club work or events. You will be provided with literature about the UKCSC for members at club nights, sending out with orders and giving to the public, your police or MP on awareness days. And most of all, we will be here each step of the way along your journey which we hope to help you achieve what you are setting out for!


Read more about full official membership to the UKCSC and sign up.

Read the page on how members can join a club so you know what info local consumers looking for a club are being given.

IF YOU PLAN TO HOST LOCAL MEMBER EVENTS PLEASE READ THIS:  UKCSC Advice on planning and hosting local club events and members nights.

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    1. Hi Dara. Thanks for getting in touch. Please check out the membership section of the website where there is a map of our existing clubs, and email for more information.

  1. Would be a really good thing for Nottingham as the crime and killings in the area are manly young kids and people with nothing to do but as we all no if there was something todo where people could relax and smoke I think they will see a massive drop in crime

    1. Hey there. I’m Derek, and i’m all about the green. Looking for people who share the same interests in the 420 world. Add me on snapchat @derek_g1933 so we connect.

  2. Hi I am very interested in starting a club but I’m not sure where I start I have visited many clubs in Europe and can’t stress enough how much I would like to run one In my community

  3. I’m super interested in s starting a club in my area, Watford (Hertfordshire). I have no idea how to begin, and what the risks are for holding this club. Can you give me further details please? Right now, is this something that would be worked on in my spare time and not as a paid job? I can easily gather like minded people who will help. Thank you for existing! X

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