Supreme Court in Mexico rules cannabis prohibition unconstitutional


The Supreme Court in Mexico made a historic ruling on Wednesday that the prohibition of personal possession, use and cultivation of cannabis was unconstitutional on human rights grounds, meaning that cannabis is now de facto legalised.

The court ruled that prohibition violated the General Health Law in the constitution’s section on marijuana on human rights grounds, such as the right to free personality of persons and the right to health. This was the all-important fifth such ruling, effectively making the judgement binding nationally and requiring the government to adjust policy and law accordingly, similar to what happened in South Africa in September.

Left-wing President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s new government has already declared an interest in regulation.

Aram Barra of Transform partner MUCD (pictured), who has led the fight for six years, greeted pro-legalisation activists on the steps outside the Supreme Court, saying he was “excited and proud”.