Terpzilla – Shatter & flower – True Canna Genetics Review.


Terpzilla Shatter & flower True CannaGenetics Review.

Strain. Terpzilla

Method of ingestion – Smoked joint (flower) Dab (shatter) It is not often that I get to try both the shatter and the flower it is made out of at the same time . I was lucky enough that True – master breeder and name sake of true canna genetics left me some to sample, this is quite a treat for me.  

Terpzilla Shatter

Aroma -Very stinky, true pine forest scents with a sweet and rich earthy aroma. Definite tropical fruit in there somewhere under the pine forest 😛 – the shatter is more earthy and rich then the flower – both smell fantastic and have that fuel and pine scent which you associate with a good diesel.

Flavour –Wow, I’m blown away by the punch that this little beauty delivers, huge pine and fruit and earth all rolled into one, the shatter has such a deep earthy pine about it, it is absolutely beautiful. The flowers are very nice too and I find have a little more fruitiness then the shatter – over all I love the flavour and think this is a must try strain solely on that. terp

Effects. Nice and high in THC – you can feel it with most tokes – the dab hits you hard and the thc is definitely present due to the cough it promotes :P. after having dabs I feel much more relaxed and in considerably less pain.


Comments. The flavour – basically this is definitely one to try as the flavour is fantastic, good medical effect too over all a winner in my eyes!


Clark French.


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